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What follows is the start of a mystery.  Let’s go into the woods.  Let me know what you think.

Into The Woods

A person told me about a writer who hiked deep into the woods to write a novel.  The novel was not going to be in his usual genre.  This novel was going to be in a genre that frightened the hell out of the writer.  But, the writer felt he needed to experience what his characters would feel in this genre.  So, he had a friend drop him off at the edge of a dense woodline.

To get to the cabin he rented would be a two hour walk.  His closest neighbor was an hour drive away after he hiked out of the woods.  The woods were dense and dark.  At night he would not see his hand three inches from his face without a light.  This isolation was what he needed to understand the new genre he chose to write in.

The genre was horror.  He would spend two days and two nights at the cabin and meet his friend back at the woodline the last evening.

I forgot to mention.  This writer had Achluophobia (the fear of darkness).  With this phobia and no cell phone service in the woods, the writer thought this would add to his experience.  It would be even more authentic.

Two days later the writer’s friend arrived early to pick the writer up.

His friend waited for hours.  By nightfall he called the police.  A search lasted for five days.

In the cabin was the writer’s laptop, notepad, pencils, all of his unopened food, and his backpack.  The writer had not been seen since.  That was five years ago.

What do you think happened?  Your guess is as good as the experts.


I hoped you enjoyed this short story.  I’ll be back soon.  If you like this story, leave your comments and follow me on my blog.