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Sometimes it’s good to forget things.  Here is Chapter 2.  Enjoy the read.  I’m glad you stopped by.

Chapter 2

ELIZABETH PUT HER PHONE in the passenger’s seat, drove out of their driveway and onto the street.  “Okay, Sarah.  What are you trying to pull?  I’m guessing you’re a little pissed.  Want your own space?  James and Jessica calling you all the time must get tiring.  We’ll talk once I get there.”  She turned on her Sirius radio to the Velvet station.  Sam Smith was singing “I’m Not The Only One.”  She began to sing along.

She understood Sarah.  People think everyone should live a certain way at a certain age.  She was sixty-one and felt like thirty.  Her hair was a little gray—lots of gray.  But she worked out and was fit.  She has had a few thirty and forty year olds give her the eye.  She could identify with Sarah.  A person can age without getting old.  Let a person live, she thought.

She looked at her clock.  Two minutes until she pulled into Sarah’s driveway.  It was exactly a fifteen minute drive.  She turned onto Mulberry Road.  Her headlights caught the front yards of the two houses she drove by.  Each time she drove through Sarah’s neighborhood she was stunned at how well manicured the lawns were.  Many of the residence were in their late seventies and eighties and still worked in their yards.

She turned into Sarah’s driveway and drove by her Ford Taurus.  She parked close to the two story house.  The outside lights were on.  Lights were on inside.  The curtains were open.  That was odd.  Sarah did not like her curtains open when it was dark.  She pursed her lips and reached for her cell phone.  She thought about calling the police.  But felt silly and paranoid like James.  There was probably a good explanation for everything.

She opened the door with her cell phone in hand.  Her keys were in the other hand.  She could stab someone if she needed to.  She strongly doubted that she would need to.

She walked up to the front door and looked through the five small windows in the door and gasped.  She fumbled finding Sarah’s key on her key chain.  Her hand shook as she found the keyhole and jammed the key into the lock and opened the front door.  She shoved it wide open and ran inside.

“Sarah,” she yelled.  Sarah was lying at the bottom of the steps.  Her small frame spread out over the floor and the bottom step.  A small gash was on her head.  Her cheek was red.  She dropped down and examined her.  “Sarah.  Are you okay?  Sarah.”

Sarah mumbled and moved her hand up and back down.

Elizabeth called 9-1-1.  “Yes.  Operator, we need an ambulance at Fifteen Ten Mulberry Road.  My mother-in-law is lying on the floor hurt.  I think she may have fallen down the stairs.  Please hurry.”  The operator told her to stay on the phone and asked if she could give first aid.  “Yes.  I’m going to do that.  But I can’t hold the phone and do that.  I’ll stay on the line though.”

She put the phone on the floor and ran to wet a towel and brought it back to Sarah.  She dabbed Sarah’s face.  “Help’s on the way,” she said.  “Hang in there, Sarah.  Does that feel okay?”  Sarah mumbled.  “What did you say?”  She leaned down closer to Sarah.

“Frank didn’t do it,” Sarah whispered.

“It’s okay, Sweetie,” she said.  “Help is coming.”  Sarah kept whispering and began crying.

“Don’t let them take Frank,” Sarah whispered.  “Frank’s not responsible.”  Elizabeth told her to save her energy.  Why was she talking about Frank?  Did she hit her head?  She must have.  “He didn’t do it.  He wouldn’t do it.  I killed him.  He was going to kill Frank.”

Elizabeth swallowed.  She did hit her head.  How bad was it?  Where were those damn medics?  She was nervous and scared for Sarah.  “No, Sweetie,” she said.  “You didn’t hurt Frank.  Frank’s okay.”  She lied.  Knowing Frank was dead.  For two years.  He was not shot either.  He died of old age.

“No,” Sarah said, crying.  “He was going to kill Frank.  It was my fault.  It was my fault.  I shot him.”  She weakly gripped Elizabeth’s wrist with her small hand.  “Hide Frank.”  She said in an exhausted and breathy voice.  “He has to hide.  I’m all that protects him.  Tell him to hide.”

Elizabeth heard the siren and swallowed hard as the lights pulled into the driveway and up near the house.


I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2.  Chapter 3 will be posted in a few days.

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