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Do you know who is watching you?  And, do you know who you are watching?

Brenda was impressed with her neighbor’s body.  She did not know her name.  She spied on her with binoculars to watch her work out.  Then, she copied her routine.  Her neighbor was fit and tone.  Brenda was overweight.  She liked her body’s curves.  But she wanted a fit body like her neighbor’s.  She told her girlfriends she had a ‘girl crush’ on her neighbor.

Brenda lost fifteen pounds imitating her neighbor’s workouts.  She was more confident.  Men looked at her differently.  That validated what she believed.  The less she weighed the more looks she got.

One evening at seven-thirty, Brenda prepared to spy on her neighbor to get her next workout.  They both lived in mid-rise buildings.  Their units were on corners.  They could see each other.  But, even with their blinds up, no one else could see them when they went into certain rooms in their units.  This was perfect for Brenda.  She did not want to be seen as a peeping Tom or peeping Brenda as she liked to joke with herself.

Brenda put the binoculars up to her eyes.  She was ready to watch the workout.  She was lucky that her neighbor did her workouts in one of the rooms that only she could see her in.  She did not have to worry about someone seeing her spying.

Brenda jerked her head back from the binoculars.  She was watching something entirely different.

Her neighbor completely undressed, then disappeared into another room.  She reappeared ten minutes later with a large towel in her hand.  Brenda assumed she had taken a shower.  She was drying herself off.

This was odd, Brenda thought.  Where was the workout?

Her neighbor threw the towel on the sofa as if she was angry and leaned over.  She came back up with a baseball bat in her hand.  She then straddled something beside her couch.  Brenda could not see what she was straddling.  Her neighbor’s other sofa blocked her view of the floor.

Brenda watched her raise the bat over her head and swing down hard at the floor.  She repeated this action five or six times.  Brenda could see her biceps flex with each swing.  The end of the bat was turning red.  Her neighbor was gritting her teeth and swinging harder.  Then she stopped and stood there, breathing hard.  Red specks were all over her face and chest and arms.

Brenda could not move.  She pushed what she was thinking out of her mind.

Her neighbor dropped the bat to the floor.  She then turned and leaned down toward the couch.

Brenda was wondering what had just happened when her neighbor quickly stood up.  She turned and faced Brenda with a pair of binoculars up to her eyes.  Brenda froze.  Her eyes glued to the binoculars.  Then she quickly ducked down.

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