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This is short story on forgiving.  Sort of.

My husband left me for a woman half my age.  Actually, she was not even half my age.  I was fifty-eight at the time.

Many women would blame their husband walking out on them on the other woman.  I hated her.  But I blamed my husband’s infidelity on him.  There went thirty, long, wonderful years of marriage down the drain for him to find what he was missing.  What he was missing just so happen to be two years younger than our daughter.  Our daughter was twenty-six.

For two years any time my husband and I had any reason to deal with one another it was vicious.  We did not agree on anything.  It made our lawyers rich.  We battled over who would get the garden hose.  We just battled.  I hated him.  I even thought about sneaking into his and—(still can’t say her name)—condo and killing them both.  But I did not.

It took three years for me to get over him and what he did to me.  But, I put it all behind me and found myself a new love.  Along the way I went through my share of men.  My bed got more of a workout in those three years than the previous thirty.  I will not go into detail.  Fifty-eight years young woman, in her prime…you know what I mean.

Then one day I got over him.  Just like that I was a new person.  Our three children wanted us to stop fighting.  And, I did too.  So, I invited my husband and her to dinner.  I cooked.  I normally do not cook.  But I wanted to impress her.

We had steak and lobster.  My ex’s favorite.  He complimented me.  I also had my husband’s…ex’s favorite wine on hand.  She could not drink his favorite wine.  It gave her migraines and hives and she would vomit violently.  So, I had the wine that my husband…ex-husband told me she could drink.

After dinner we talked and laughed for an hour.  We even hugged at the door when they left.  I was absolutely proud of myself.  It had been a wonderful evening.

You can imagine my shock when I heard she died in her sleep.  Supposedly, something she ate caused her to get hives and it closed her throat.  I was stunned.  How was she able to last throughout the entire meal?  I fully expected her to die behind the wheel of her car.  I figured she would go careening down the side of the steep cliff near my home, finishing her and my ex off.

I poured the rest of the wine down the drain that I bought for my ex’s girlfriend.

There was always the next time, I thought.


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