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This content is for readers who are 18 years and older.  

Some people will tell you who you fall in love with is not up to you.  It is ultimately up to your heart.  The heart has led many astray, some will say.  Enjoy Chapter 2.     

Chapter 2

MATT LAY IN BED staring up at the ceiling.  Brenda, his wife, lay next to him.  He turned his head toward her and listened.  Her shallow breathing said she was asleep.  He slowly slid his legs out from under the blanket.  Trying not to shake the bed he sat up.  He looked back at Brenda.  She had not moved.  He took a deep silent breath and stood up.  He stood still for a few seconds.  Then he tiptoed out of the room and eased the door shut.

On his tiptoes, he rushed over to the counter and grabbed his phone.  He unlocked the screen with a three finger swipe.  He did not worry about Brenda getting information from his phone.  Every month he changed his security code.  He lied to Brenda and said he changed his security code so often because of work.  If he ever lost his phone his clients’ names and information would be vulnerable.

He hurried down the hall and punched in Ellen’s phone number on the way to the guest bathroom.  He could store her phone number in his regular contact list.  Then he could speed-dial her.  But that was too risky.  He was not going to make it easy for someone to catch him.

Ellen’s phone rang.  Pick up, he thought.  Why aren’t you picking up?  It was one-thirty in the morning.  Where was she?  She promised him she was at home every night.  He ended the call and called her number again.

“Why are you calling?” Ellen asked in an irritable whisper.  He asked her why she was whispering.  “What do you want?  And make it fast.  I’m busy.”  He asked her what she meant that she was busy.  “Just tell me why you’re calling.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t told her yet,” he said.  “She’s fragile.  I have to let her down easy.  If I let her down hard and the court sees this we’re screwed.  She’ll take everything I own and will own.  We don’t need that.  Just trust me.  I’ve never let you down.  I promise you I’ll let her know how happy you and I are and that she and I are over.”

“You do that,” she said in a sarcastic tone.  “In the meantime I have to work.”  He asked her what work.  “Don’t ask.  You know not to ask.  We’ve been over this.”

“You don’t have to do this,” he said.

“I have to go,” she said.  “I have bills.  I don’t live in the make-believe world.  You do.  My world is real.”

“Ellen,” he whispered into the phone.  “Ellen.  Ellen.  Answer me.  Damn it.  Answer me.”  He spoke louder than he intended to and stopped and listened.  He did not want to wake Brenda.  It was quiet outside the door.  But it was not quiet over his phone.  He could hear Ellen’s and a man’s voice.

“Baby, is that how you like it?” she asked, seductively.

“You know how I like it,” the man’s voice said.

“I know baby,” she said.  “Relax.  Let me take you on a trip.”

“Oh, baby,” he said.  “That’s good.  Ohhhh.”  Heavy, loud, breathing.  “That’s good.  Don’t stop baby.  Don’t stop.”

Matt bit his lip and grunted and shook his head wildly from side to side.  “Ellen,” Matt said.  “Ellen.  Ellen.  You slut.  You damn slut!”  He realized he had yelled and pressed his hand over his mouth.  He wanted to throw the phone in the toilet and flush it or stomp it with his foot.  He knew what she was busy doing.  Why was he still listening?  Stop listening.  Take the phone from your ear.  He could not do it.  He could not stop himself from listening to her.

“That’s it baby,” he said.  “Finish me.  Finish me.”

Matt pressed the phone hard against his ear.

“Not now, baby,” she said.  “Not now.  Hold it.  Hold off as long as you can.  Hold it.”

Matt knew what was happening.  He had been where the man is.  The man was close to an orgasm.  Ellen was riding him and talking him through it.  That is how she got more money out of the men she slept with.  The men that she was supposed stop sleeping with.

The man was beginning to cry out.  Matt snatched the hand towel off the rack with his free hand.  He slapped the towel against his mouth and screamed into the towel.  How could she do this to him?  He had given her money.  Even though she told him she did not want money from him, he gave it to her.  Why?  Simple.  He was in love with her.  They were talking about being together long-term.  They were a couple.  He screamed in the towel again and slid the phone across the floor.  He was sorry he ever met her.

The next time he saw her he was going to kill her, he thought.  But who was he fooling?  He loved her.


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