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Enjoy this short story and how it came about.  See you next time.

Sometimes when I think of a story I want to write I have to fit the pieces together.  The story often comes from an idea.  But then, as I begin to think about it, different scenes become visible.  Depending on the story, some scenes become so clear I can write out the entire scenes right then.  But, normally I do an outline.

As the story is coming together I ask myself questions.  What if this happened?  What if that happened?  What if this person did this?  Here is a brief story that came from questions when I was piecing together another story.  These were the questions.

What if Joe was the loud mouth coworker that everyone hated?  What if Joe knew this and intentionally antagonized his coworkers?  What if those coworkers decided to play a prank on Joe?  Let’s see what happens when they do.  We will join everyone at the bar.  I called the story We Were Kidding.

We were Kidding

Joe told another joke at Ben’s expense and slapped him on the back.  Then he leaned in three inches from Ben’s face and slurred loudly with spit spraying with each word, “I’ve gotta go drain the lizard!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Drain the lizard!”  He yelled and spit flew into Ben’s face as he stumbled off toward the bathrooms.

“I hate that guy,” Ben said.  “Are we going to do what we said we were going to do or not?  That’s the only reason I’m here.  I’d never go to a bar with that jackass.”

“Calm down, Ben,” Jackie said.  “We’re going to do it.  We told you we needed him to get drunk.  It’s not like one of us was going to grab him and do it.”

Ben looked at Jackie, Sandra, Curtis, and Leon.  Jackie was right.  Joe weighed at least one hundred and ninety pounds.  Curtis was heavier than Ben and weighed maybe one hundred and fifty pounds.

“Be quiet,” Ben said.  “Here he comes.”

“You guys talking about me?” Joe said.  They shook their heads and frowned as if to say Who us?  “You better not be.”  He laughed loudly while leaning his face close to theirs.  “I’m ready to get out of here.  Who’s ready to go?”

They were all shocked.  Joe had thrown them off their plan.  They did not have to lure him outside.  He was ready to leave.  They spoke up all at once.  “Sure.  Sounds good.”  They looked at one another and followed Joe out the door.  In the parking lot they stood around.  Joe looked strangely at them and vomited.  He turned his head spraying Jackie and Ben.

“Damn it!” Jackie said, jumping back.  Not in time.  Her heels were ruined.  She kicked them off and stood in her bare feet.  Joe looked at her and paused and laughed.  “You piece of…”  She smacked Joe hard across the face.  Joe snapped back and lost his footing and fell to the ground, laughing.  “Screw this shit.  We’re doing this now.  Sandra.”  Sandra knew what to do.  She was the lookout.  “Come on.”  Jackie said to Leon and Ben.  “Get his ass.”  The three helped him up.  “Give me his keys.”  She snatched them from Joe’s hand.  “You’re riding in the passenger’s seat.  You’re too drunk to drive.  I’m driving your car back with you.”

“I like that,” Joe said.  “We’ll get to know each other.”

“Yes, we will,” Jackie said.  Leon, Ben and Jackie helped put Joe in his passenger’s seat.  Jackie opened the back door behind the passenger’s seat and began to wrap duct tape around Joe.  “Don’t just stand there.  Help me.”  Joe mumbled about what was going on.  He laughed and said that he liked bondage.

“Good,” Sandra said and helped Jackie wrap the duct tape around him.  When they were finished Sandra slammed the passenger’s door shut.  “You guys didn’t do much of anything.”  Sandra said to Leon and Ben.  They tried to explain they helped wrap tape around him.  Jackie just jumped in and took over.  “Just drive him to the lake.”  She looked at Ben and Leon.

Ben and Leon got into Joe’s car and drove him to the lake.  Joe was slurring his words the entire ride there.  Leon sat in the backseat.  His eyes were big.  Ben told him it was just a joke to teach him lesson.  No one was getting hurt.

Sandra and Jackie followed behind them in Sandra’s car.  They talked about doing something different than their original plan.

Ben parked the car by the lake.  He and Leon got out.  Sandra and Jackie had pulled up behind them.  They got out.

“You know what,” Sandra said.  “Jackie and I were talking.  He needs to be taught a bigger lesson.  Let’s not just leave him here overnight.  Let’s make him pay for all the bullshit he’s done over the years.”

Leon and Ben looked at each other and at Jackie and Sandra.  They were confused.  Their mouths hung open wondering what Sandra and Jackie were up to.

Jackie walked up to Joe’s car and got inside.  She stepped on the brake and put it in neutral.  She then disengaged the emergency brake.  Joe’s car was on a slight decline.  She took her foot off the brake and jumped out.  The car rolled slowly down the hill.  Joe was almost passed out in the passenger’s seat.

“What are you doing?!” Leon yelled.  “We didn’t say anything about killing him.”

“Relax,” Sandra said.  “The water is only four feet deep.”  Leon looked confused.  Ben looked at Leon and nodded.  “It’s just going to damage his car.”  Leon was shaking his head.

The four watched the car roll into the lake.  It hit the water and slowed.  Then the front end dipped and the back end shot straight up in the air.

“Shittt!” Ben yelled.  “This isn’t Lake Parsons.  It’s Lake Riley.  It’s really deep!”

They all stood there wide-eyed as the car went straight down.


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