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DARK SECRET is a short story about what happens when everyone wants what they want.  But, no one considers the consequences.  DARK SECRET is in the realm of my books in The Ripple Series—suspense and intrigue.  I’ll bring all the parts of DARK SECRET to you in the next week, or so.  I’ll introduce you to some interesting characters, to my writing and to one of the many stories that I will bring you.  Enjoy Part 2 of DARK SECRET.   


Happiness Is Tricky


BONNIE JERKED THE STEERING WHEEL.  She had been daydreaming.  The Lexus SUV had drifted to the left and out of her lane.  Now she had overcorrected the Lexus SUV back across her lane into the right lane beside her.  A car horn sounded off next to her.  She quickly steered the Lexus back into her lane.  Her heart was in her mouth.  Squeezing the steering wheel, she looked straight ahead.

A dark colored sedan pulled up beside her and stayed with her.  Scared it was the police, she slowly looked over at it.  The driver gave her the middle finger and sped off.

What a jerk, she thought and pressed down on the gas pedal.  She felt the Lexus pick up speed.  “Shit,” she said and exhaled loudly.  You have to be careful.  You cannot afford to get pulled over.  You will not talk your way out of this.  She tried to calm herself.  But she found herself getting angry.  You should not have to think about getting pulled over, she thought.

Her worry was quickly being replaced by anger.  She thought about abandoning the surprise she had planned.  It was actually the second part of her surprise.  She had come up with the second part on her way to Carol’s house.  But she was not sure if she was going to do the second part until the moment Carol opened the door and let her in to use her phone to call a tow truck for her car.  It was then that she knew she had to do the second part of her surprise.

The second part of her surprise would be a perfect end to her night.  It would also be a perfect start to her new life.  It gave her goose bumps when she thought of it like that.  She could imagine her surprise unfolding.

She was amazed at herself for coming up with it.  The first part of her surprise was great by itself.  The second part was ingenious, even if she said so herself, she thought.  But now she was having second thoughts about giving the second surprise to Tim.  Did he even deserve it?  She sighed and looked down.

Seventy-five miles per hour was ten miles over the speed limit.  She eased up on the gas pedal.  Getting pulled over in Carol’s car would not be good.  But she would not be driving it if not for Tim.

None of this would have been necessary, she thought.  Tim should have taken care of his end in the first place.  Sometimes she questioned his love for her.

For six months he had been telling her how much he adored her.  How special she was.  He was going to take her away from that undeserving job.  She was tired of men touching her and pretending it was a mistake.  She had told Tim this.

For six months she had told him how she felt every week.  The only reason she had not quit stripping was because the money was good.  And she picked up private clients for her on-the-side business.

She had told Tim she would like to say good-bye to both those businesses.  He swore that the thought of her being with other men was tearing him apart inside.  He knew what went on with these on-the-side clients.  He used to be one.  It was how they met and eventually ended up in a relationship.

Bonnie giggled and cried when she thought about how it all started.  It was rather romantic.

Tim was just another customer in the club that night.  Then his friend bought him a lap dance.  She was lucky that Tim chose her to dance for him.  After she finished dancing for him he was already crazy about her.  He asked if they could go out sometime.  She told him maybe.  He gave her his number.

The first few months he paid for her time like everyone else.  But his constant promises to her of what he would do for her if he could have her all for himself began to sound good.  But she forced herself to be cautious before taking him seriously.  Men had told her that before.  Tim, however, seemed sincere.  He seemed to love her.  And she had developed feelings for him.  It was not the same level of love that he had for her.  But she began to want that boring dependable life and husband that he kept promising her.

She did not even care about their twenty-year-plus age difference.  Nor did she care that he looked like an average middle-aged man.  He was what she wanted.  And he desperately wanted her like no other man had ever wanted her.  This may have well been her best and last chance at real love.

But he had one problem.  Carol.  He could not get up enough nerve to end it with her.  He worried that when he divorced her he would lose everything he owned.  He thought a divorce would financially decimate him.  That was why he stayed in their marriage.

He was not in love with her.  He had said so.  She was an old boring habit of a wife that he needed to get rid of.  But he would not do it.  There was always an excuse.  But the truth was clear.  He was too weak to allow them to live their new life together.  So they both had to suffer for his weakness.

That is why when Tim told her that he was going out of town for a day and a night she saw her chance to do what he could not.  In a way, his weak loyalty to his wife was one of the admirable qualities that she liked about him.  It was also holding them back from enjoying their life together.

That was over now, she thought.  Nothing would ever come between them again.

She smiled and drove down the highway.  She could not believe it.  Nothing was in their way now.  It was finally their time.  Carol was out of the picture.  Tim was in the clear.

She sighed and imagined their wedding day and their first child.  Then she burst into laughter.


I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of DARK SECRET.  If you did, send it to a friend and read a few chapters of The Ripple Series by clicking here on The Ripple Series.



Stephen Wallace