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DARK SECRET is a short story about what happens when everyone wants what they want.  But, no one considers the consequences.  DARK SECRET is in the realm of my books in The Ripple Series—suspense and intrigue.  I’ll bring all the parts of DARK SECRET to you in the next week, or so.  I’ll introduce you to some interesting characters, to my writing and to one of the many stories that I will bring you.  Enjoy DARK SECRET – Part 4.   


DARREN WALKED SOFTLY DOWN the short hallway past the dining room and family room.  He was thankful there were no stairs to climb.  He was tired and let out a silent burp.  He fought off the hiccups that sometime followed his burps.  Quiet.  Quiet.  Quiet.  A silent voice inside his head repeated over and over.  He was at the first bedroom now.

Standing in the doorway he stared at the woman sleeping in the bed.  A sliver of light came from the bottom of the window blinds next to the bed.  Curtains were on the window too.  But they were pulled back and secured by ties.  A big Wingback Chair sat in the corner of the room.  A midsize dresser was to his left.  Another large Wingback Chair sat in the opposite corner.

He wished he had time to back up his pickup to the house.  He would load those things on the back of it.  Maybe he could come back for those things one day.

He reached inside his pocket and took hold of a small bottle.  His other hand reached inside his other pocket and removed a thick cloth.  He unscrewed the top of the bottle while watching the woman.  She had not moved.  He covered the top of the bottle with the cloth.  He turned the bottle upside down and shook it.  He repeated this until the cloth was soaked.

He screwed the top back on the bottle and put the bottle back in his pocket.  Holding the cloth at his side he approached the sleeping woman.

He stood over her.  He wanted her to move so he could get a clear path to her face.  The blanket almost covered her face.  How was he going to quickly get the cloth over her nose and mouth without her screaming and struggling?  A fight was not what he needed.  He needed to subdue her quickly.  Neighbors would call the police immediately if they heard screaming.

Grab the blanket and pull it down fast or slowly? He wondered.  He eased his free hand toward the blanket.  The woman stirred.  The blanket slid down.  He panicked and pounced on her.

He quickly got the cloth over her nose and mouth.  The woman kicked and grabbed at his thick hands and arms.  Her fingernails dug deep into his skin.  She twisted and turned and kicked and struggled.  Her fight stunned him.  This was supposed to be easy.

He laid on her to hold her still.  Her fingernails raked across his face.  Blood streamed from four deep gouges across his cheek.  But the chloroform and his body weight were too much for her to overcome.  The violent movements of her arms and legs slowed and then stopped.  They lay in a rag doll state.

Darren struggled to his feet and looked down at her in disbelief.  Her body laid there like it was dead.  Breathing hard he shook his head.  What a fight she put up.  She was strong as hell, he thought.  “Easy, my ass,” he whispered.

He went into the bathroom and closed the door and touched the walls to find the light switch.  He found it next to the door and flipped the switch up.  The lights came on.  The bathroom was clean and organized.  White on white.  That fits, he thought.  She was supposedly neat and anal.

Cabinets were under the sink.  He opened them and looked inside.  Everything was neatly in place.  He grabbed gauze bandages and first aid tape.  He set them on the counter and looked in the mirror and examined his face.  It was red and bleeding.  If he had not been wearing gloves and long sleeves his arms and hands would be too.  That bitch had done a number on him, he thought.

He took large pieces of gauze bandages and covered the gouges on his cheek.  Then he taped them in place.  He examined his medical treatment and nodded at what he had done.

He turned off the lights and opened the door and went back into the bedroom.  The woman was still unconscious.  He pushed back the remaining blanket that covered her.  She was naked.  During their struggle he missed that.

This was going to be easier than he thought.  He straightened her body in the bed.  Her arms were over her head.  Her legs were spread far apart.  He undressed and removed a condom from his pocket.  He tore off the wrapper and put it on the nightstand.  He would get that when he was finished.  He slid the condom on and got into bed with the woman.

He would have liked to skip this part.  She was not his type.  She was not bad.  He had seen better.  But an agreement was an agreement.  He positioned himself between her legs.


I hope you enjoyed Part 4 of DARK SECRET.  If you did, send it to a friend and read a few chapters of The Ripple Series by clicking here on The Ripple Series.