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DARK SECRET is a short story about what happens when everyone wants what they want.  But, no one considers the consequences.  DARK SECRET is in the realm of my books in The Ripple Series—suspense and intrigue.  I hope you enjoyed meeting the interesting characters in DARK SECRET.  This is the final chapter.  Enjoy DARK SECRET-PART 7.  Thanks for stopping by.      



“MR. BROWN,” DETECTIVE VINCENT said.  Detective Vincent and Detective Marren were holding him up by his arms.  “Are you okay?”  Tim told them he just needed to walk.  “Mr. Brown.”  Tim mumbled that he needed to wake-up.  “Mr. Brown, you almost hit the floor.  We caught you just in time.  Why don’t you have a seat?”

“I just need to walk,” Tim said.  “Just let me walk for a minute to digest what you said.”

They slowly let go of him.  He looked stable.  Tim walked away from them.  They watched him and glanced at one another.  Tim stopped by the wall and turned around and pointed to his throat.  He fell to the floor, holding his chest.

Detective Marren rushed to him and dropped to one knee.  He told Tim to hang in there.  Detective Vincent had already opened the door and yelled, “Medical attention!”  Someone yelled back that medics were already there.  Detective Vincent told Tim he would be okay.  “The medics are on their way.”

Within a minute, two medics rushed into the room with a gurney and equipment.  They happened to be at the police station filling out paperwork.  They were about to leave when an officer ran outside and told them they were needed.

The medics gave Tim first aid.  Then they put him on the gurney and put an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth.  They told the detectives they were taking him to the hospital.  They left the room with Tim.  His eyes were barely open.

The Detectives looked at one another and simultaneously said, “We need to follow him to the hospital.”  Tim’s answers were not making sense to them.  Nothing about the case was making sense.  They knew Tim either had the answers they needed, or he had an idea of what happened.  Nothing put him at the house at the time of the murder.  But nothing was making sense.  At the moment Tim was their best hope in clearing things up.

The detectives ran and grabbed their guns from their desks and ran to their car.  The ambulance was just leaving.  Detective Marren sped after it and caught up to it.  They talked as they followed the ambulance.  They theorized that Tim was lying to cover up something.  The questions were what was he lying about, and why was he lying.  And how many people were involved.

The medics quickly got Tim to the hospital.  The ambulance stopped at the hospital’s entrance.  The medics jumped out and ran around to the rear doors and opened them.  Tim sat up.  They told him to lie back down.  Tim said that he was feeling better.  They told him he should get checked out.  He refused treatment and told the medics he was fine.

Tim stepped out of the ambulance.  The Detectives were waiting for him.  Tim was shocked to see them.  He tried not to show it.

“Thank you for helping me back there,” Tim said to the detectives.  “But, like I told the medics, I’m feeling better now.  I think it was all too much.  Just too much to take in all at once.”

The detectives nodded and told him they understood.  But, they were going to have to ask him to come back to the station.  They had a few more questions for him.  Tim sighed and wanted to refuse.  But he knew how that would look.  “Are you up to it?” Detective Vincent asked.  “We can give you a ride home afterwards.”  Tim wanted to say, “Hell no, I’m not up to it!”  “We could do it later if you’re not up to it.  We can’t force you.”

Tim did not like what he was feeling.  Were they up to something?  Were they trying to implicate him?  If he said no, was he saying he was guilty of something for not helping them immediately?  His wife was missing, after all.  Who would say no to people trying to find her, except someone guilty of something?  “I’ll go back with you,” Tim said.  “Then you can give me a ride home afterwards.  I just want to find my wife.”  He sniffed.

Detective Marren opened the back door for him.  Tim got in.  He wondered what they knew.  What were they not telling him?  He could feel it.  This was not just a few questions.  He leaned his head back as the car drove off.

“You know, Mr. Brown,” Detective Marren said.  “I’m going to do something we’re not supposed to do.  Because I know you’re upset.  And, I would want someone to do this for me.  I’m going to let you in on some information.”  He turned around in the passenger’s seat and looked back at Tim.  “We believe the perpetrator, or perpetrators, left DNA behind.”  He paused and stared at Tim.  “A lot of DNA.”

Tim pursed his lips and nodded.

“There was some in the kitchen,” Detective Marren said.  He did not tell Tim about the orange juice bottle that was left on the table.  It was out of place.  “In the bedroom.”  He did not tell Tim about the condom wrapper left on the nightstand.  “In your bed.”  He did not tell Tim about the drops of blood on the sheets and in the bathroom sink.  “And the victim had skin and blood under her fingernails.”

Saliva filled Tim’s mouth.  No matter how much he swallowed, it kept coming.  He wanted to spit out the window.  But there were no buttons to press to put the window down.  The car was getting hot.  He could not focus.

“We’ll have some answers for this case really soon,” Detective Marren said.  Tim nodded.  “Meantime, we’re looking for your wife as we speak.  We’re going to get you some answers, shortly.  I promise.  You can hold me to that.”

Tim vomited against the back of the front seat.  Both detectives felt some hit their heads.  Tim dropped his head and vomited on the floor.  Panting and groaning, he vomited again.

Detective Vincent drove the car onto the shoulder of the road.  Detective Marren jumped out and helped Tim out of the car.

“Are you okay?” Detective Marren asked.

Tim nodded, bent over, waved his hand, and threw up again.  He began crying and dropped to his knees.  Detective Vincent had come to where Tim and Detective Marren were.  The detectives glanced at each other.

Tim hung his head and kept crying.  It hit him hard.  He knew what happened.  None of it made sense, until now.  What he initially saw in the bedroom had come together.  The scene flooded back to him.  His wife lay naked on the bed on her stomach.  Her legs spread far apart.  Not looking like herself.  He shook his head and cried loudly.

The detectives quietly looked on.

It was not supposed to end this way, Tim thought.  How could he have been so stupid to trust that moron.  Why did he hire him?  He knew better.  The guy was an idiot.  Why?

Tim silently recalled through his tears when he hired Darren to kill his wife, Carol.  Darren was to make it look like a home invasion gone wrong.  Didn’t that idiot look?  How could he not tell the difference between Bonnie and Carol?  They look different.  How could he not?  Bonnie was beautiful.  Her body was better.  “Bonnie.  Bonnie.  Bonnie.” He whispered.  The detectives heard him and watched him.

You were not supposed to be there, Tim thought.  I had taken care of it.  Just like you wanted.  Bonnie.  You killed Carol for me, Tim said to himself.  You killed her and you were waiting for me at home.  Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  That stupid asshole Darren mistook you for Carol.  What an idiot.  What the hell?  Darren.  Why didn’t you look?  Just look!  You stupid shit!

Tim wanted to die.  Now he understood what Bonnie was saying to him before he left town.  “I have a big surprise for you when you get back,” she had said.  “You’re going to love it.  You’re going to love me for it.”

Tim lay down on the asphalt and curled up in a ball.


I hope you enjoyed Part 7, the final part, of DARK SECRET.  If you did, send it to a friend and read a few chapters of The Ripple Series by clicking here on The Ripple Series.



Stephen Wallace