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Just because someone takes a late night walk does not mean they are careless.


I WAITED NEXT TO the bridge near the concrete beams and trees.  I waited for him.  A streetlight was a few feet away from me.  On a clear night it would have given my location away.  Not that night.  The fog was thick.  It was like the clouds from heaven had descended to earth forever.  My lungs were heavy from the moistness.

The night was perfect.  Few people ever walked this way.  Most were too afraid.  Bad things happened around there all the time.  The police did not even patrol the area with one officer.  They, too, could become easy targets.

He walked home this way because it was always dark and gloomy.  Even when there was no fog, the leaves on the trees darkened the path.  They blocked out most of the moonlight.  I think when he took this path it made him feel tough and crafty, like Jack The Ripper.  Not that he could kill anyone.  This was not speculation.  It was a fact.  He had his chance to do so and chickened out.  Or, it may have never entered his mind.  If there ever was a picture of a coward, it would be his face.

Two months ago he kidnapped me when I took this shortcut home.  I had taken it twenty times to be exact.  Night after night, at twelve a.m., I took the path.  Then, one night I was walking along and thinking about the night I had planned ahead.  That was all I remembered.

I woke up tied to a bed.  He was on top of me.  He had his way with me for hours.  I saw his face so clearly.  I knew he was not going to let me live.  He had to kill me or risk going to prison.

Imagine my shock when he finished with me and let me go.  Just like that.  He let me go.  Hours of suffering degradation and humiliation and he let me go.

I never went to the police.  Publicity was not what I wanted.  How could I explain walking in that area so late at night?  There would be too many questions to answer.  Questions I could not answer.  Even if I did answer them, my answers would not make sense.  It would be too much exposure for me.  It would be too much embarrassment for my mother and father and siblings to live with.  So, I let it go.  I suffered and fumed privately.

Three months later I saw my rapist at the grocery store.  He did not see me.  So, I left the store.  I waited outside in my car and followed him around.  I did this for three days.

I discovered he was a professor at a college.  I found out where he lived.  I saw his family and children.  He was so happy.  His family looked happy.  What a great family man he was to those looking in from the outside.

I decided to kill him.  Not for raping me.  I knew something like that, or worse, could happen if I took the shortcut home.  I was not angry or revengeful about that.  I was going to kill him for not finishing what he started.

I took that shortcut for twenty miserable days.  I hated the anticipation.  I hated hoping and praying that tonight was the night.  I hated closing my eyes when two men approached me.  My heart would beat faster.  Knowing the moment of truth was upon me.  Was this the night?  Whatever they had planned for me was out of my control.  I was excited and scared out of mind.  There was nothing I could do except to accept whatever was about to come my way.

Then the footsteps would pass me by.  I would look over my shoulder and see the backs of the men.  Not once would they look back at me.  I would sink deeper into depression.

I needed someone to put an end to it for me.  I did not have what it took to put an end to myself.  My life was in shambles.  I just wanted it to end.  I wanted to leave my hell on earth where it belonged.

He could have ended it all for me.  That is why I waited for him.  He owed me that.  He pleasured himself with me.  Not once did I resist.  I even said to him, “I know you can’t let me live.  Please, make it fast.”

He laughed as if he knew what I wanted.  He seemed to enjoy torturing me and proved it.

He drugged me and took me back to the path where he had kidnapped me.  Still alive!  I woke up half-clothed and humiliated.

He was going to pay for not finishing the job.


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