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The joy of a new relationship, of stolen love, can be intoxicating. 

This is a three-part horror story.  It is not meant for the squeamish.  If you dare to read it, may I suggest you keep one eye closed.  And, be prepared to force yourself to forget what you have read.  If you are ready, happy reading.  I will wait for you at the end, if you dare.  Or, maybe I will wait for you in your sleep.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha. 




MARVIN GOT TO THE front door and looked back at his wife, Stacy, in the kitchen.  “Honey, I’m leaving,” he said.  Stacy looked over her shoulder and went around the counter to him.  She was in shorts and a tank top.  Marvin thought about skipping his plans and staying home with her.  She looked good.  She looked damn good.  With that body, who would ever know they had two kids, he thought.  He reached out and hugged her.  “Where are the kids?” he whispered in her ear.

“Not far enough away for you to think about doing what you’re thinking about doing,” she said and pecked him on the lips.

He let go of her, disappointed.  Where had all their time gone to?  He remembered when they would have sex all night.  They would go until they were exhausted.  Now he was lucky if they got a few minutes in here and there.  Years ago they always had time to do it.  And when they did not have time to do it, they did it anyway.  Now it was different.  There were always reasons why they could not do it.

“Don’t look so glum,” she whispered.  “We’ll do it later.”  He smirked.  “Promise.”  She smiled.  “Go out with your friends and yuck it up as you guys call it.  When you come back, if it’s not too late, we’ll see what we can do.”  He smiled and told her he was holding her to it.  But he knew nothing was going to happen.  It did not matter what time he got home.  Nothing ever happened between them anymore.  “Don’t be out too late.”

He kissed her.  “I won’t,” he said and walked out the door.  Outside he turned around when he heard the deadbolts lock.  He then turned back around and headed for his car.

Inside his car he started the engine and slowly backed out onto the street.  He looked at his house.  The curtains separated.  Stacy appeared in the window and waved and blew him a kiss.  He waved at her and sped off down the street.

He turned on Sirius radio and found a Rock station.  At the end of his street he took a right.  He thought about Stacy waving to him and felt guilty.  He did not like lying to her.  But, it would hurt her if he was honest.

Ten miles up the road he saw the city’s lights.  He wondered how things were going to go tonight.  He had gone through a dry spell lately.  If everything went as planned he would break that dry spell tonight.

Just up the road was the white and red sign that read Back Room.  He began smiling.  That’s where he belonged.  Let off some frustration and have a good time.

He turned into the parking lot next to the Back Room building and parked.  He got out of the car and could not believe how dark it was in that parking lot.  He walked alongside the building toward the front of it.  Then he turned the corner and was shocked.

A steady stream of people poured into Back Room.  Easy pickings, he thought.  From the corner of the building he watched people come and go.  He hoped the Back Room would not stop accepting patrons before he got in.

He rushed and got in line.  The line was moving fast.  There was space inside, he thought.  When he got to the entrance the doorman nodded for him to go inside.

Inside it was packed.  The dance floor was full.  The bar was full.  The seated areas were full.  He wondered if there was some special event planned for that night.

He took a few minutes to checkout what some of the women were wearing.  Short dresses, short shorts, tight pants, tight shirts, lots of high heels, it was a smorgasbord to choose from.

His imagination did not have to do any work.  Anything and everything he wanted to see was in plain view.  And there were a few women who had more than captured his attention.  He was getting an erection watching them.

One of the women who had captured his attention was sitting at the end of the bar.  She and a man seemed to be having a serious discussion.  He wondered what it was all about.  The man was pointing toward the bathroom and talking to her.  Her hands were moving throughout the air as she talked back to him.  They were both getting more and more animated.

He watched and waited.  The couple was talking more aggressively.  Hands were moving faster.  Mouths were moving faster.  Go ahead, he thought.  Don’t just argue with her.  Do something about it.  Leave her.  Just for a brief minute.  And when you get back she’ll be gone.

The man threw up his hands and walked away from her.  She yelled something after him.  He turned around and went back.  He pointed his finger in her face.  She knocked it away.  He turned and left her at the bar.

The woman turned the half-full glass up to her lips and drank it.  Then she called the bartender over and pointed down at her empty glass.  He filled it.  She brought it up to her lips and emptied it again.  She then slammed the empty glass down on the bar and pointed to it.  The bartender filled it again.  Then he rushed to the other end of the bar.  She downed half of the drink.

Marvin liked what he saw.  She was perfect.  He guessed the woman was early fifties.  She had a hard, alcoholic look about her.  Her makeup was on thick.  But her face said that she had been extremely attractive at one time.  She looked as if she could use a good night’s sleep.  Her hair was black and not brushed or combed well.  But the dark fitted dress she wore made up for all her sins.

Her body was great for a woman of any age.  It was a middle-aged body.  She had some fat on her.  But, he could work with it.  Overall, she was a slutty attractive woman.  Best of all, she was almost drunk.

He needed to get her out of the bar and quick.  She was going to be his tonight whether she wanted to be or not.

Oh what plans he had for her, he thought.  He began to make his way toward her.


In PART 3, the bottom of the glass may not provide the fun we seek.  Then again, it could. 


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