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Enjoy Part 4 of this horror story.  




SHE WALKED BACK INTO the room.  Marvin’s eyes were glued to her.  Her hair was a mess.  But she was pleasant to look at, even more so than earlier.  It was going to be harder to kill her than it was the others.  She was a keeper.

Of all the young women he had gone through and disposed of this middle-aged woman comes out of nowhere and blows his mind.

Stop procrastinating, he told himself.  Get it over with.  Before she suspects anything, do it.  If you don’t, you’re going blow everything.  He sat up and slid to the bottom of the bed and sat there looking up at her.

“You never asked me my name,” she said.

“Does it matter?” he asked and started to stand.

“Wait,” she said before he could get up.  “Where are you going mister?”  He was taken back.  “You promised to give yourself to me.”  She took a step toward him.  “You’re not going to renege on a promise.  Are you?”

She was great, he thought.  She was just as wild as he was.  What a crazy sexual thing.  Maybe he could work something out this time.  Maybe she could save herself.

Inside he was floundering.  Stick to the plan, he told himself.  Get rid of her.  Do not deviate.  Do it!  Do it now!

“No,” he said.  “I don’t renege on promises.”

“Good,” she whispered.  “I’d be disappointed.”  She took another step toward him and stood between his legs.  He reached out and held her butt and kissed the dark patch of hair between her legs.  She stepped back and pushed him in the chest.  He fell back onto the bed.  “It’s my turn to do the work.  Slide all the way up on the bed.”  He pushed himself up on the bed.

She crawled onto the bed and began to crawl up his body.  Her tongue slid along the front of his legs.  She got to his manhood and blew hot air on it.  He got erect.  “Not yet,” she whispered.

She slid her body up his and stopped to circle his belly button with her tongue.  He shivered with anticipation.  She was going to be his lover.  This was not going to end here.  They could take this to another level.  How far?  It was worth exploring.  Not only that.  This was going to be one of those nights that guys brag about to one another.

He could hear himself telling the story.  He met this woman in a bar.  They both had had too much to drink.  But, that was not what attracted him to her.  He liked her slutty appearance and just wanted to have sex with her.  She was more than he bargained for.

Just think, he thought.  Just hours ago this crazy bitch had told him at the bar that she had told her friend who left her at the bar that she was thinking about killing herself.  Her husband had just left her for a younger woman.  She did not want to go home alone.  What luck, he thought.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Her friend left her at the bar and told her he was coming back.  But while he was in the bathroom he went up to her and said, “You’re beautiful.  I’d like to take you home and make love to you all night.  I’ve never seen someone so gorgeous.  Let’s get out of here.”  Even though she looked at him through hazy drunken eyes he knew he had her.  He took her by the arm.  They were out of that bar in less than a minute.

Now he can say he just had the best two hours of his life.  And hour number three was probably going to be just as great.

She made her way up to his mouth.  “Kiss me,” she said.  He lifted his head to her.  She brought her mouth down over his.  He squeezed her ass.  She reached down between them and took hold of him and eased him inside of her.  She lifted her head and whispered, “Don’t let go of me.”

“Oh fu…” he said, losing his breath, feeling light-headed.  She was amazing.  He groaned loudly.

She put her mouth back over his.  She slid her hands down his arms and around his wrists.  She slid his arms up over his head.  She stared into his eyes.  He could not believe her.  She was too much.  He wanted to hold her and went to bring his hands down.

She had his wrists pinned to the bed.  He pulled harder to free his arms.  He wanted to hold her.  But he could not free his hands.  She stared into his eyes and rocked back and forth.  She looked different.

He tried turning his head away from her.  He wanted to tell her to let go of his wrists.  Her mouth was clamped down hard over his.  She was using it to press his head into the bed.  He grunted and groaned.  Not in pleasure.  He wanted her to let him go.

Her tongue snaked around the inside of his mouth.  It was suddenly thick and forcing its way down his throat.  His eyes were wide.  He could not swallow.  Breathing was getting harder.  What little air his lungs took in was putrid.

The smell of rotting flesh filled his lungs.  They burned.  The taste of the smell was sickening and choking him.  He began to shake.  He body began to convulse.

Gravel, dirt, bugs and worms slid down his throat.  He could feel them crawling and sliding down into his stomach.  This was a living hell.  He wanted to die.  If he could just pass out he would be satisfied.

She was changing before him.  Her black hair had turned to a grayish matted mess.  Her skin was changing.  Her makeup was gone.  Her skin was no longer Olive.  It was gray and slimy and wrinkled.  Her cheek began to poke out further and further.  A black snake broke through her skin.  He slithered out the hole and down the side of her face.

He shut his eyes.  Just let me die.  Please.

She clamped down tighter with her mouth.  His eyes shot open.  Bugs, worms, maggots and flies were coming from the corners of her eyes, out her ears and mouth and dropping onto him.  They entered his body through his nose and ears and tear ducts.

He struggled hard, groaning and yelling, but the sounds were trapped inside him.  After a minute he stopped moving.  His eyes were still open.  Insects were still entering inside him.

She kept her mouth over his and eased her body all the way down on top of him.  She then removed her mouth from over his and took a deep loud breath and sighed.

She laid there for a few minutes.  Then she lifted her head and looked down at Marvin.  “What an end to a perfect night.”  Her skin rippled and moved as small creatures crawled beneath it.  “Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice.”

Marvin’s corpse was already decomposing.  It looked as if he had been dead for a week.  His skin was gray and slimy.  His hair was dried up.  His eyes were sunk deep into their sockets.  His body shook slightly as the insects inside him did their jobs.

“You willing gave yourself to me.”  She kissed him gently on the lips.

“Happy Birthday to me.”

She laid her head on his chest.  Her hair began to turn darker. Her skin began to tighten.  Its Olive color was slowly coming back.

She slept.


In PART 5, what is the truth? 


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