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I call this a hybrid story.  It is a combination of suspense, thriller, and a little horror.  The story comes with the arrogance of getting away with something.  But then there is the comeuppance that shows what starts as a secret does not always stay a secret.  Enjoy PART 1.  See you the next time at PART 2.


Spending time with friends should bring us closer, but sometimes it tears us apart.



DETECTIVE MURRAY AND DETECTIVE BUNNER sat across the coffee table from Francis Devor.  Francis leaned back on her sofa in what she thought was a relaxed pose.  The detectives saw her differently.  She looked uncomfortable.

You would have thought she was sitting in an interrogation room at the police station.  Instead, they were sitting inside her twenty million dollar condo on the twenty-first floor.

The detectives had to force themselves not to look around the condo curiously.  Large brightly colored paintings covered parts of the walls.  The detectives were not art aficionados.  But, they knew one of the paintings could pay off both of their houses and their children’s colleges’ tuitions with millions left over.  The condo’s white on white interior was like being inside a museum.

The detectives knew it was easy to become distracted by the condo.  It was interesting.  Even Francis was a distraction.  At sixty-nine with white hair and good skin she was attractive in her designer dress and classic pumps.  A diamond necklace hung around her neck.  A matching diamond bracelet was on her wrist.  A gigantic emerald ring was on the ring finger of her right hand.

The detectives thought she was overdressed for an interview.  Telltale signs said that she was nervous.  That was one of the reasons they could not get distracted by the trappings of a woman with her wealth.  Their focus was on her missing friend, Brenda Counter.

Neither detective felt that Francis was telling them everything she knew.  Francis’s lawyer who sat beside her was picky on what and how Francis answered the detectives’ questions.  This seemed odd to the detectives.  They had not called Francis for this interview.  She had called and set it up.  She never mentioned her lawyer would be there.

On the phone Francis seemed to have something she wanted to get off her chest.  But, in person her tone was different.  She was not opening up at all.  Or, she was not allowed to open up.  The question was why.

The detectives decided the “why” would not be answered that day.  Even if Francis wanted to tell them what was on her mind, her lawyer was not going to allow it.

The detectives told Francis they had to leave and stood up.  They told her they would get in touch with her if they had more questions or got more information on her friend’s whereabouts.

Francis’s lawyer told them to call him first if they had something for Francis.  He handed them his business card.

The detectives nodded to Francis and closed the door behind them.


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