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I call this a hybrid story.  It is a combination of suspense, thriller, and a little horror.  The story comes with the arrogance of getting away with something.  But then there is the comeuppance that shows what starts as a secret does not always stay a secret.  Enjoy PART 3.  See you the next time at the final PART 4.        




FRANCIS WIPED HER EYES and remembered what happened next at the dinner.

The chef walked up to the table with a roar of applause from the guests.  He raised two knives in the air.  The claps grew louder.  The guests whistled.  The evening events had begun.

A waiter rolled out a box on a cart.  The chef placed his hand inside the box and pulled out a red tag.  He looked at the tag and said, “Jason Carmichael.”

Jason, a guest, smiled and did a playful bow to the other guests.  He was getting the head and the first twelve inches of the snake.  It was an entrée that went for seven thousand dollars.

The chef pulled the next tag out of the box and said, “Phillip Counter.”  Phillip raised his hand up in the air and nodded his head as the other guests applauded.  He would get the second twelve inches of the snake for a mere sixty-five hundred dollars.

The chef continued to pull tags out of the box and call out the guests’ names.  Each tag laid claim to the guest’s entrée, their section of the snake.

When the box was empty a waiter brought out a small jewelry box in his hands.  The chef opened the jewelry box while the waiter held it.  The chef picked up the card from inside, read it and said, “Mrs. Brenda Counter will have the first cut.”

Phillip hugged Brenda.  Brenda smiled and raised her glass to the other guests and to chef and then to the snake.  She had been chosen for the highest honor of the evening.  She would be the one who would cut the snake first.  The first cut was worth an additional five thousand dollars, plus the cost of her entrée.  And this first cut was special.  No one in their group had ever cut an Anaconda.

The chef called Brenda up to the table and handed her the knife.  Brenda looked at the snake and admired it.  Its size was incredible.  She imagined its meat would be so succulent.  It was fresh.  Although the snake was still, it was not dead.  It was safely sedated.  Cutting the meat live kept it fresh.

Brenda turned to address the other guests.  “Let’s get this meal underway,” she said and laughed, raising the knife above her head.  The other guests laughed too.

“That’s my wife,” Phillip said.  “I may as well be on that table.  I’m use to that tone of voice.  Hurry up and get it over with.”

The guests laughed.

Brenda playfully waved her hand at Phillip to stop it.  “This is going to be one of our best dinners ever since starting this group,” she said.  “And, I can’t think of anyone else to share it with except for my best friends in this room.”  The guests clapped and cheered and laughed.  “And I can’t thank my wonderful accommodating husband enough for this birthday gift.  He worked tirelessly to set this evening up.  Without him, she,” she pointed to the snake, “wouldn’t be here.  Thank you, sweetheart.”  She blew Phillip a kiss.  He gave her a nod and smiled.  “So, without further ado, I’d like to…”

Brenda stopped talking and watched the other guests back away from her.


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