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Enjoy PART 4. 




BRENDA STARED AT THE other guests, confused.  What were they looking at?  Their eyes were no longer on her.  They were fixed above her.  “What?” Brenda asked.  Then she laughed.  Oh, she got it.  The joke was on them.  She was not going to be sucked into the joke they were about to play on her.  Instead, she joked with them.  She covered her mouth with her hand.  Blinking her eyes quickly, she slowly turned her head, looked over her shoulder and froze in terror.

The giant snake had raised a quarter of her body from the table.  She towered over Brenda.

Brenda’s mouth dropped open and stayed there.  She panted and shook all over.  Gripping the knife tightly she was unable to move.  She watched the snake sway and slowly recoil.  Her lungs would not let her take a deep breath.  Her feet refused to move.  Her eyes would not blink.

The snake seemed to grow taller and taller and more menacing.  Her yellow eyes met Brenda’s.  Brenda let out a scream as the snake’s head rushed down toward her.  Her scream was muzzled as the snake took Brenda’s head inside her mouth.

The guests had been frozen and watching in horror as the scene unfolded.  The snake’s mouth opened wider and slid down over Brenda’s shoulders.  Brenda’s feet left the floor as the snake recoiled with her in her mouth.  Her feet kicked violently.  Her hands and fingers moved quickly.  But her arms were pinned at her sides.  Her body was halfway down the snake.

The guests saw the last waiter run around the corner and out of sight.  The chef was already gone.

The guests screamed and yelled and ran after the waiters.  A few guests tripped, stumbled and fell to the floor.  Scrambling to their feet they continued running.  Some guests, including Phillip, looked back only to see Brenda’s legs sticking out of the snake’s mouth.

It was the last time that Francis, her friends, and Phillip saw Brenda.  It was a sight that none of them had forgotten.  How could they forget seeing Brenda being devoured by that monster?  They knew where she was.  The question was “Where was the snake?”  No one ever went back to find out where it went.

Francis took another drink.  She wanted to tell the detectives the truth.  But the dinners were illegal.  Eating exotic animals.  They would all be arrested.  Their names would be tarnished.  Their lives, their status, would be destroyed.  What would it serve to tell the truth?  They would destroy themselves for no reason.  Nothing could bring Brenda back.

Francis poured another drink and brought it to her mouth and tossed her head back and gulped it down.


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