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Helen gets a new visitor at Frank’s apartment.  Frank is on the couch, paralyzed by the drugs Helen gave him.  He is afraid of her and under her control.  Enjoy Part 15 of The Drop House.  Thanks.








Helen looked at Frank’s apartment door.  Only an idiot would pound on someone’s door like that, she thought.


Frank laid on the couch and cut his eyes toward the door.  He tried to move his head to look. It would not move.  He opened his mouth.  No sounds came out.


Helen stood over Frank and looked down on him.  She put her finger to her lips and giggled.  She knew Frank could not move or speak.  The drugs had temporarily paralyzed him.  She taunted him and mouthed the words. You have to be quiet, and smiled.




Helen walked over by the door and stopped.  Her gun was at her side.  She glanced over her shoulder at Frank.  Then she unlocked the door and opened it.


A man around twenty-eight or so stood at the doorway.  He had dark hair and was about six-two, two-hundred and twenty-five pounds.  He wore a big coat over several shirts and baggie pants.  He probably had a gun on him. He was known to carry one.  He was talking when he entered the apartment and did not stop.  He did not notice Helen.


“What was so important that you took me away from the shit I was doin?” The man said in somewhat intelligible English.  Helen stood slightly behind the door and watched him completely enter the apartment.  He was already stoned or drunk.  “Man I was hittin some serious shit when you called.  I was whaling on this piece of ass.  Wearing that shit out.  This better be good, man.  And…What the hell, dog?  Why you all on the couch like that?”


Helen felt the man was overplaying the thug role that he was known for.  A white boy trying to sound like he was from a black street gang.  How original, she thought.  She stepped from behind the door into the open.


“Dino,” Helen said.  The man jerked his head toward her.  He seemed to want to run out of the apartment, or at her.  “I wouldn’t think about it, Dino.”  Her gun was pointed at his head.  “You wouldn’t make it.  I’d let off three rounds before you knew what hit you.  Then, you’d realize you were dead.  So let’s talk.”


“What the fuck you want, ho?” Dino asked.  “And how you know my name?  I don’t know you, grandma.”  He laughed.  “Yo, Frank.  You tap this ho?  You got that mommy, no, grandma simplex thang.”  He laughed.  “Shit.  I guess whatever floats yo boat, homey.  Frank, why you call me anyway?”


“Dino, sit down,” Helen said.  Tired of hearing his want-to-be gangster babble bullshit.  Dino stared at her and smirked.  “Sit down before I put you down like a dog.  And I will put you down.  Don’t mess with me.”


“You messin with me bi…”


Helen interrupted Dino.  “Shut up for a minute,” Helen said.  “Here’s the reality.  I’m your new parole officer.  From here on out.  It’s me.  I’m federal.  I’m going to give you the same deal I gave Frank here.  Sit on the couch beside Frank.”


Dino complained about the couch not having enough room for him.  Helen waved her gun at him.  Dino moved over near the couch.


“Sit down,” Helen said.  “He won’t bite.  He’s just high on the best stuff in this world.  I’ve brought you some too.  Here.”  She tossed Dino a little baggie.  “Same stuff Frank’s on.  We three are going to have a close relationship.  Some pleasure.  Some business.  Frank’s already agreed.  That’s a sample package.  Go over to the stove and try it.  Don’t do anything foolish.  I don’t want to kill you.  But I will.”


“Now?” Dino asked.


He was more than ready to continue to get stoned, Helen thought.  She told him to go ahead.  Dino quickly went over to the stove.  “There’s lots more where that came from,” Helen said.  “Enjoy it.  We’re going to be rich.  And who knows?  Maybe even lovers.”


“If you say so, grandma,” Dino said, smiling.


Dino did not look at Helen after getting to the stove.  He was more interested in getting his fix.  He used the same utensils Frank had used to prepare his drugs.  He hurried and heated the powder in the baggie until it was liquified.  He drew the liquid into the syringe and tied the band around his arm.  Unlike Frank, he did not go slow.  He jammed the needle into his arm and pressed the fluid into his vein.  He stood at the stove and began to wobble.


“Go to the couch,” Helen said.  “Hurry up.”  She backed up and watched Dino stumble over to the couch. He barely made it before he collapsed down on to it.  “Turn over before you vomit.”  Dino mumbled.  “Turn over.”  Dino rocked back and forth and managed to turn himself over onto his back.


Helen reached into her pocket and removed a small chrome 6 x 6 box. She sat it on the counter.  “Gentlemen, this is a scrambler,” she said. Both men had their eyes open but seemed out of it.  It did not stop her from explaining.  “It intercepts and scrambles all communications and recording devices that you may have in this place.  It knocks out everything.  Frank, I’ve had it on since I walked inside your apartment.  What that means is that we’re all free to talk.”


Helen walked over and looked down on them.  “Dino?” she asked.  “Frank?”  Neither of them was able to say anything.  ‘Well, I’ll go first.”  She sighed.  “Where do I start?  I have so much to say.  I don’t know where to begin.  I have so much to get off my chest.  I’m just going to say it.”


Helen brushed off a chair by the small kitchen bar and sat down.  She faced Frank and Dino, who were lying on the couch.  They were conscious and could hear everything she said.  They just could not move and did not understand why.


“I killed my semi-adopted daughter’s mother,” Helen said.  She was quiet.  Laughter escaped her lips.  “Whew!  Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to unload that bit of information?  Try forever and a day.”  She exhaled.  “I feel so much better. Saying it out loud is cathartic.  I killed her.  Not for nothing.  But, I still did it.”  She paused.  “Do you want to know why?  Move one foot if you want to know why.  I need to know you’re interested in my story.  If not, I’m wasting my time.”


Frank moved his foot.  Dino was slow to move his.  But he moved it.  Both realized if they kept Helen talking the drugs should eventually wear off.  At least wear off enough for them to get away from her or overpower her.


This was a dream come true for Helen.  She had been waiting for years to tell her story to a therapist.  Maybe she could get some professional insight into her feelings.  But seeing a therapist would cause other problems.  That was why each time she decided to go to therapy, she realized she could not.


She could not leave secrets with a therapist or anyone.  Not even with her closest friends.  With Frank and Dino, the problem was solved.  They were nothing but sounding boards.  Besides who would ever believe anything these two insects would say.


I hope Part 15 of The Drop House gave you a bit more insight into Helen.  Helen is like many of us.  She has a few layers to get through before you really get to know her.  The question is can Frank and Dino last long enough to get through Helen’s layers.  Well, let’s find out on Friday. 


Have a great week ahead.


Stephen Wallace