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Some people can be pushed too far.  When they push back it may be more than we thought they would.  Enjoy PART 2 of LETTING GO.  Thanks.




MARY MARVELED AT ROMANA’S naked body.  She was unaware that she was staring at her.  More like mesmerized by her.  She was beautiful.  Her skin was smooth, flawless.  It could have been on a baby.  Not a wrinkle.  Her breasts were medium-sized and stood perfectly at attention.  Her thighs and legs, while not small, were shapely.  Perfect butt.


Romana was right, Mary thought.  She could not compete against a body like that.  Not even in her prime.  Romana had hit the bullseye when she called her old.  She was old.


Darren pitied Mary.  He could see what she was thinking.  Romana’s act of dropping the blanket and exposing herself had crushed Mary’s self-confidence.  That was not easy to do.  But Romana had done just that with a simple move.  The way Romana stood told Mary she was not afraid of her, nor was she backing down.  Mary had not been prepared for her.  Her face said it all.


“Please, cover yourself,” Darren said to Romana.  “You proved your point.”


Romana ignored Darren.  “I’m thirty,” Romana said to Mary.  “Look at me.  I’m what men want.  You’re too afraid to remove your coat.  You must feel revolting, even to yourself.  I’m glad I can’t relate to you.  You’re pathetic.”


“Romana, she gets it,” Darren said.


“I dare you to take your clothes off,” Romana said.   “You’re embarrassing to yourself.”


Mary could not believe Darren was siding with that slut of a woman.  Not defending her.  Not helping her.  Telling this whore of a woman that she gets it.  Mary clenched her teeth and removed her fur coat.


“Mary, you don’t have to do this,” Darren said.


Romana stared at her.  Mary stared back.  Romana’s eyes were egging her on.  Her pursed lips while silent was saying, Keep going.  I dare you.  I dare you to take off all your clothes. 


Darren begged Mary not to play along with Romana.  “She’s enticing you,” Darren said.  “What she’s saying are only words.  Ignore them.”


Mary pulled her shirt over her head and quickly pulled her bra over her head.  She pulled her boots off and dropped them to the floor.  She pulled her pants down along with her underwear.  She could not hear Romana laughing as she pulled off her socks.  Anger had blocked out everything except the thought of removing her clothes, all of them.


Standing nude, Mary’s slim body was on display.  Some varicose veins were in her legs.  Her breasts were not as perky as they once were.    Nevertheless, she could say with complete honesty that every part of her body was hers.  Everything was original.  There were no nip-and-tucks on her.  She felt and looked attractive.  She was older.  But, she was still the woman she had always been.  Maybe even better than she ever was.  She looked at Darren.  Romana did not matter to her.  Her attention was only on Darren.


“Am I revolting?” she asked Darren.  Romana said something.  Mary could not hear her.  Her eyes were on Darren.  “Am I?”  Darren paused and told her to please put her clothes back on.  “Am I?  Do you want me the way you use to?  Am I so bad?”  Romana laughed and pointed at her.  She called Mary pathetic.  Darren told Romana to stop.  “Do you choose me?  The mother of your children.  Or that young whore?”


“You’re an old, wrinkled, flabby woman who should have sex with anyone who asks,” Romana said.  “That’s your only hope for love.  Look at you.  You’re a bag of bones and skin.  You’re disgusting.”


Mary looked at Darren.  She wanted desperately for him to save her.  End her humiliation that she had started, but could not stop.  Her eyes were wide and begging him to do something, anything.  She had put herself out there.  There was no coming back for her.  When was he coming to her rescue?  When was he going to tell that young slut that he chose his wife over her?


Darren whispered, “Please put your clothes back on.”  He looked at the floor.  It was as if the spectacle that Mary had made of herself was too painful for him to watch any longer.


Mary swallowed hard, bit her lip, and looked away.  It took a few seconds for what had just happened to register.  Without saying it aloud, Darren had chosen.


Mary grabbed her clothes and ran into the kitchen and hid behind a wall.  Clutching her clothes and pushing them against her mouth, she told herself not to cry.  She was not going to give either of them the satisfaction of knowing that she was a broken woman.  Her hands shook from embarrassment and anxiety as she put her clothes on.  The laughter coming from Romana made her want to be anywhere but there.


Dressed, Mary closed her eyes and took several deep breaths.  She then walked around the corner and joined Darren and Romana.  Romana gave her a devilish grin.  She had wrapped the blanket around her.  Darren would not look directly at Mary.


“How much to go away and never come back?” Mary asked.  Darren looked confused.  Romana looked at Darren.  “Don’t play coy with me.  You know what I’m saying.  You’ve already decided on the amount.  Let’s get it over with.  I don’t need any more embarrassment today, or ever, from you.  So just say the number.  Or, I’ll leave and see you in court.”


“I just want you to…” Darren was saying.


“I don’t want to hear your feeble excuses,” Mary said.  “Just the amount.  You sicken me.”


Angry, Darren blurted it out.  “Ten million.  That’s all.  It’s what I’m entitled to.”


“Five million,” Mary said.


“That’s nothing,” Romana said.  “Throwing scraps to a dog.  You think he’s…”


“Romana, stop it,” Darren said.


“Why?” Romana asked.  “Because I’m honest.  You need to be more honest with her.”


“Romana, just…” Darren said with his hand up.  “Just stop talking for a moment.”  He looked at Mary.  “Ten million and we’re gone.  Why I left you goes with me.  Your private life stays private.”


Darren silently watched Mary.  He hoped Romana could keep her mouth closed for a few minutes.  This could end with everything he wanted.  Mary’s expression said she was considering his offer.  He knew the last place Mary wanted this information to come out would be in court.  The media would have a good time with the story.  He could imagine the headlines and stories.


Mary Cargell, sixty-four, gets dumped for a younger woman.  Mary Cargell is the heir of Martin Cargell.  She inherited the two hundred-million-dollar estate of her deceased father, Martin.  Her husband, twelve years her junior, leaves her for a thirty-year-old woman.  Publicity was not what Mary wanted.  Especially if that publicity painted her in a bad or desperate light.  Image was important to Mary.


“Give me a few minutes to think,” Mary said.  Darren told her to take her time.  “No.  I won’t.  I want you gone.  And, I want that whore out of my house.”


“You’re the…” Romana said.


“Go ahead, Mary,” Darren said interrupting Romana and shot a stare at her.


“Before I make up my mind, you’re going to suffer humiliation like I did,” Mary said.  “You’re going to undress.  Go out in the snow and sit for a few minutes.  While I watch from the window.  Then, you’re going to go down into the basement and stay there for thirty minutes.  I’ll do some thinking while you’re out of my sight.  When you come up, you’ll have my answer.”


Romana looked at Darren.  Darren looked at her.


“What?” Mary asked.  “You look confused.  I suffered an embarrassing moment and you will too.”


“Are you out of your mind?” Romana asked.  “You’re nuts.”


Darren was still too shocked to respond.


“If you refuse, I’ll divorce you and take my chances in court,” Mary said.  “It’ll be embarrassing.  But I’ll do it.  So, you and your young whore get your clothes off and get outside.  It’s that simple.”


Once again, Romana had to push Mary.  Will Romana ever learn?  We’ll see if she does or doesn’t on Friday.  That’s when I’ll see you.

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Stephen Wallace