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Some things are too personal to share with anyone.  They are so embarrassing that even the person who did it wants to forget it.  Find out how David explained his actions.  Enjoy Part 5 of Sorry Forever.  Thanks. 




DAVID’S EYES FLICKERED AND opened.  He was looking up at his mother, father, doctor, and two police officers.  Even though his head hurt he knew he was in a lot of trouble.  He was surprised when his mother showered him with kisses and hugs.  His father had his hand on David’s arm.  The police officers were smiling.  Everyone seemed happy that he had opened his eyes.  But he could feel the tension in the room.


“David,” the doctor said.  “I’m Dr. Lowell.  I want you to squeeze my finger.”  He had placed his finger in David’s hand.  David squeezed.  “Can you squeeze tighter?”  David squeezed harder.  “Good.”  He removed his hand from David’s hand.  He then moved closer to David’s hospital bed.  The others had moved out of Dr. Lowell’s way.


“You gave everyone quite a scare, young man,” Dr. Lowell said.  “Did you know that?”


“No,” David whispered.  “I didn’t mean to.”  He said that for the benefit of his mother and father.  He hoped his innocent apology would lessen the punishment that awaited him.  Even at his young age he knew it was going to be severe.  How severe?  That was the question on his mind.


“Well you did,” Dr. Lowell said.  “And you managed to get a cut on the back of your head.  It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.”  He gently moved David’s head over and examined the cut again.  “It’s not bleeding anymore.  It was bleeding quite nicely when you initially came in.”


Dr. Lowell stepped back and looked at David.  “Well, folks, he’s doing very well,” Dr. Lowell said.  “He should make a full recovery.”  Then he turned his gaze on David.  “Young man, you need to start looking at where your adventures take you.  Be extra careful for the next three weeks.  We need you to completely heal.  Hear me?”  David nodded.  “I have a feeling that mom will be watching you and closely.”  Dr. Lowell looked at Susan.  She nodded.  “He’ll be released in a half hour or so.”  Dr. Lowell left the room.


David’s parents, Susan and Frank, stood by his bed.  They did not say much.  They just watched him and smiled at him.  The two police officers began talking to David.


“David, I’m Officer Unden and this is Officer Peet,” Officer Unden said.  “We were called to your location where you were found unconscious.  Do you remember what led up to you being unconscious?”


David looked at the ceiling and shook his head.  The police officers glanced at Susan and Frank.  Susan and Frank looked at David.  Concerned expressions were on their faces.


“Now David, you remember something,” Susan said.  “They’re trying to help determine what happened to cause you to hit your head.  So you need to be honest with them.”  She paused.  “I know your head hurts.  But you have to help the officers with their investigation.”  David looked at her.  “Go ahead.”


“How did you end up at the funeral home, David?” Officer Pete asked.  “You’re not going to get in trouble.  We just want to know what happened.”  He waited for David to talk.


David started crying.  “I went to the funeral home because I heard mom talking about it on the phone.  She said that Mrs. Dillard was there.”


Susan remembered one of the parents she called told her that.  She must have repeated it aloud.  David must have been listening to her conversations.  Instead of in his bedroom where she sent him he was outside of it, listening.  His obsession with Mrs. Dillard had reached a new level of concern for her.  She worried about where it would end.


“I had asked mom to take me to see Mrs. Dillard,” David said.  “But she wouldn’t.  So I went by myself.”


“Okay,” Officer Pete said.  “You’re brave.  What happened when you got there?”


“I snuck inside and looked for Mrs. Dillard,” David said.  “I opened all these doors.  She was almost at the end of the hall.”  Officer Pete said that he must have been scared.  That what he did took courage.  David was beginning to open up more.  “I was a little scared.  But when I saw her in that room I was less scared.”  David swallowed and stopped talking.


“And what happened after that?” Officer Pete asked.


David pursed his lips and was quiet.  He looked up at the ceiling as if the answer was up there.  Officer Pete asked David what was wrong.  David turned and looked at him.


“You won’t believe me,” David said.


“You don’t know that,” Officer Pete said.  “There’s no reason for us not to believe you.  Therefore, we’ll believe you.  But we won’t know what to believe if you don’t tell us.  We only have what you say to go on.  That’s why you have to tell us.  We need your help.”


Susan and Frank looked at David.  They remembered what the officers said when David was brought into the hospital.  The medical staff noticed David’s shirt collar was torn.  The officers thought David may have been running away from someone.  Maybe someone had grabbed him.  And David was strong enough to pull away from the stranger.  That would explain his torn shirt.  There were no signs of physical abuse to David.  Maybe he got away just in time.  But none of that explained why they found David unconscious.


“Help them, David,” Susan said.  She was forceful this time.  “You’re not in trouble.  Help them.”


“I got a stool and was standing on it to say goodbye to Mrs. Dillard,” David said.  “I was really close to her.  And…I was close…I was whispering goodbye to her and apologizing to her.  Then I fell backward.”


“Was there more?” Officer Pete asked.


“No,” David said.


“No one grabbed you,” Officer Upden asked.  “You just fell backward.”  He looked at David.  “That was all?”  David nodded.  “Are you sure?  Nothing else?”  David shook his head.


Officers Peet and Upden knew David knew more than he was telling.  They were not sure why David was not telling them everything.  Their experience told them he was not.


Frank thought David may have told everything he knew.  The kid was probably just tired from all the questions the officers had thrown at him, he thought.


Susan had a much different perspective.  Her internal alarm bells were screaming that David was not telling the entire truth.  She was horrified at what he could have been hiding.  He had done something he was not supposed to do.  Going to the funeral home was only part of it.  She wondered what else was hidden in his mind.


Susan felt sick at her next thought.  Could David had done something to Mrs. Dillard’s body?  He was obsessed with her.  Did he?


David had turned his back to everyone and covered his head with a sheet.


David was clearly uncomfortable talking about his goodbye to Mrs. Dillard.  Why?  Was he hiding something? 

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