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I don’t know if you will find this interesting.  But, I did.  I thought I would share it with you.


I met an artist once who told me he had an alternate self or alter ego to help him paint.  He described his alternate self in vivid detail.  I questioned if he was not talking about a real person.  The dark moods his alternate self would go through were as real as the moods he would go through.


When he finished telling me about his alternative self, I asked if he was able to control him.  He told me absolutely.  He only lets him out when necessary.  I asked what he considered necessary.  He told me when he had deadlines looming, a difficult task to complete, a disagreeable person he had to deal with.  All the things he hated to do, or hated to deal with, he turned over to his alternate self.


He chuckled at the end of talking about his alternate self.


I asked if he was serious about everything he had just told me.  He said that maybe he was or maybe he was not.  Then he said that the real question was which self was the real one.


This artist did not have a medical condition.  We know there are people who have multiple personalities that were brought on by traumatic events.  This artist was not in that group.


He told me he decided that if he let his thoughts roam and get out of his way he painted how he felt.  He said that his work was better and different than focusing on who he was.  He considered himself a boring, stay between the lines, kind of guy.  That is why he came up with his alternate self.


I have often wondered when it comes to fiction, entertainment, and our everyday lives, would we do more without fear and self-imposed limits if we focused on who we want to be instead of who we are?


I guess that would depend on the person.


Anyway, it was just a thought.


Tomorrow begins a new short story.  I hope I added a little entertainment to your days last week.  I will try to do the same next week.


Have a great week.


Stephen Wallace