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Why lie if you do not have to?  Some may lie out of habit.  Then, some lie to hide things.  Enjoy Part 5 of The Perfect Community.  Thanks. 




JAY SAW THE POLICE OFFICERS and immediately wondered what had Carla done.


The police officers had told Frank that their next-door neighbors were found dead that morning.  They could not go into details because there was an investigation underway.  The officers said that at the moment, foul play did not seem to be involved.


Carla and Frank told the officers that it was a shock.  Their neighbors were doing fine.  They were aging and had some aging problems.  But, there was nothing beyond that to worry about when it came to them.


The officers said that they were not supposed to say anything about the deaths.  But, rumors were already circulating throughout the neighborhood.  They were rattling some of the elderly residents.  That was why they wanted to put the neighborhood at ease.  They were also letting residents know the deaths did not appear to be from a home invasion or anything like that.


“But we still have a few questions for everyone,” one of the officers said.  “Like all investigations, we need to know where everyone here was last night around one to two a.m.”


Frank told the officers they were all in bed at that time.  He looked around at Carla, Jay and Crystal.  “We were asleep around eleven,” Frank said.  “Wouldn’t you say?”  Frank was looking at Carla.


Carla told them she could not sleep.  She got up around eleven-thirty or so.  She went to the kitchen to get some tea.  She looked back at Jay.  Jay looked at her.  Carla said that she thought that was the right time.  “Wasn’t it, Jay?” Carla asked him.


Jay was stunned.  Carla had called on him to establish an alibi.  Not that he thought Carla had killed someone.  Though it could be possible with her.  What was on his mind was that Carla got in at two a.m.  Why was she lying?  What was she covering up?  What was she lying about?  Where was she last night?


The officers were focused on Jay.  They listened to Jay’s answer.  But when Jay had finished giving Carla an alibi, the officers kept looking at him.  Jay realized they were looking at his neck.  He felt nervous.  He licked his lips and pursed them.


“What happened to your neck?” one of the officers asked.   “Hate to see what happened to the other fella.”


Jay mustered up a weak laugh.  He was lost for words for a second.


“He’s embarrassed to tell you that I kicked his ass last night,” Carla said.  Crystal told her she was exaggerating.  “Then why does his neck look the way it does?”


Jay jumped in.  “You got me from behind,” he said.  “And, you didn’t tell me you were going to rip my neck from my shoulders.  Nor did you tell me you were going to squeeze so hard.”  He gave a reserved laughed.  His anger at her was rising.  But he held it down.  It was not a good time to let it show.


“Well, no matter the outcome, you’ll always be my wonderful and sweet son-in-law,” she smiled.  She looked at the officers and whispered, “I kicked his ass.”


An uncomfortable silence came up.


Jay wondered if everyone was missing the looks the officers were giving them.  Maybe the officers were thinking there was too much kidding by Carla after receiving bad news.  Or, maybe Carla had snowed them, too, with her fake pleasant personality.


“We’ll help in any way that we can,” Frank said to the officers.  “Is there anything else, officers?”


The officers told them that would be all for now.  The officers looked over at Jay and smiled.  Then they looked at Carla.  Jay heard their thoughts through their expressions.  They were louder than words.  Carla was what?  One hundred and thirty-something pounds.  He looked to be around one hundred and seventy-five.  It was either a sneak attack or he was a wuss.


The officers told them they were sorry for their loss.  Then they told them to have a good day and be careful when playing.


Jay noticed the foregone laugh that was waiting to come from the officers once they walked away.



Why can’t Jay and Carla just be good to one another?  Oh, yes.  She thinks it’s amusing that she tried to choke him.

Thank you for coming by.  Have a good weekend.  I’ll see you tomorrow.


Stephen Wallace