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When your lifestyle is threatened, how far would you go to keep it?  In the conclusion to The Perfect Community, Part 8, ask yourself how far would you go?  Thanks. 




CARLA PUSHED THE BATHROOM door open and walked inside.  The shower was on.  Steam covered the mirrors.  She walked over to the tan shower curtain and stood there for a few seconds.  Then, she grabbed the curtain and slowly slid it back.


Jay’s eyes were closed.  Shampoo was in his hair.  He put his hands on his head and massaged it into his hair.  The cold air hit his body.  Jay turned to where the air was coming from.  “Why did you open the curtains?” he asked.  “Water is going to go all over the floor.  Your crazy mother is going to be pissed.  She won’t blame you.  She’ll blame me.  Someone should have her committed.”  Carla smirked at him.  “I need to rinse.  Close it, please.”


Carla reached out and put her hand on Jay’s shoulder.  Jay told her the floor was going to get wet.  “I don’t mind,” Carla said.


Jay jumped backward and hit the wall.  His eyes sprung open.  “What the hell, Carla?” he said.  Carla laughed at him.  Jay reached for the shower curtain.  She pushed it away from him.  “Give me…”  He grabbed the curtain.  She held on to it.  “Let go of it.”  She told him to say please.  “I’m not saying anything.”  He pulled on it.  She held on to it.  “You’re going to rip it.”  She told him he was.  “Come on, Carla.  I’m serious.”


“Fine,” she said.  “Here.”  She slid the curtain closed as he grabbed for it.  “You’re no fun.  And I’ve seen everything you have on your body.  Of course, these were men with larger appendages than what you have.”  She laughed.  “You’re such a ninny.”  She laughed.


He reached around the shower curtain and felt for his towel on the hook.  Carla had the towel in her hand.  “What are you looking for?” she asked.  He told her to give him the towel.  “It’s not your towel.  It’s mine.  I own it.”  He asked her to let him have the towel.  “Be a good boy and say please.  Then maybe.  Just maybe.  I’ll give you what you want.”  She waited.  “Say it.  Don’t be a wuss.  Say please.”


“Please give me the towel, Carla,” he said.  “I’d like to dry off.”  He hid behind the curtain, waiting for her to give him the towel.


Carla snatched the curtain open.  Jay covered his penis with his hand.  She tossed him the towel and shook her head.  He caught the towel with his free hand.  “My manly son-in-law,” Carla said.  She leaned back against the sink and watched him.  He snatched the curtain closed.


“Don’t be nervous,” she said.  “No one is here except us.  While you were sleeping, Frank and Crystal went out for breakfast.  I sent them for these to-die-for crepes.  It’s about fifteen minutes away.  We have at least another fifteen minutes of alone time.  So, if you want a taste of a seasoned woman, with all the class that you’ll never be able to have, I’m here.”


“I don’t want anything from you,” he said.  He opened the curtain with the towel wrapped around his lower body.  He stepped out of the shower and walked past her into the bedroom.  “You’re nuts.  We’re leaving when Crystal gets back.  I’m telling her why.  I don’t have to put up with your bullshit.  You may bully and fool everyone else.  But, you don’t fool me.  Not at all.  I know who you are.  I know what you are.”


“You do, do you?”  she asked.  “Is that why you followed me last night?”  He was quiet.  How did she know, he thought?  “You don’t have to say anything.  I know you did.  I can prove it if I want to.  You remember I told you you sucked at the affair thing?  I was wrong.  You suck at everything.  You think you can outsmart me?  You’re way out of your league.  Ungrateful shit.  I gave you my daughter.  What more do you want?  You’re a loser.”


“That’s what you think,” he said.  “I think you murdered those people.  And your little meeting, I heard you.  I heard everything you said.”


“What do you think you heard?” she asked.  He told her he was not playing her game.  She walked up to him while he was getting his pants from the closet.  He turned around.  Not expecting her to be there.  She grabbed his balls and squeezed.  He lifted up onto his toes and drew back a fist.


“Don’t you hit me,” she said.  “I’ll say you attacked me.  I’ll say you were still angry about your neck because I got the better of you.  I couldn’t fight you off.  It’ll be your word against mine.  It won’t matter if I win or lose.  Your marriage to my daughter will be over.”  He clenched both fists.  He wanted to punch her in the face.  He had never wanted to punch someone so badly.  “You relax.  Then I’ll relax.  Put your hands down.”  He hesitated.  She squeezed.  “Put your hands down.”


“Shit,” he said.  “Let go!  Let go!”


“Shut your mouth and listen,” she said.  He told her he was serious.  She was hurting him.  “You’re hurting me.”  She mocked him.  “I’ll rip your balls off.  You listen.  We can be friends.  Or, we can be enemies.  I don’t care.  You want sexual favors from me?  I can comply with that.  I’ve never wanted that from you.  But if it’ll make you happy, I’ll join you.”


He panted in pain.  She squeezed a little harder.  He lifted back up onto his toes.


“That’s to get your attention,” she said.  “If you try and ruin my life, I’ll destroy yours.  I may even have you killed.  You’ll lose everything.  Not only your marriage but your life too.  Don’t test me.  I won’t allow you, or anyone else, to mess up our lives.  I better never see you following me again.  And, you better not go around spreading rumors about me.  You got that?  Let me see you nod.”  She squeezed harder.


He clenched his teeth and groaned and nodded.


“Good,” she said.  They could hear the door open downstairs.  “Put your pants on.  Come down and have breakfast.  You’re my favorite son-in-law.  Oops.  You’re my only son-in-law.”  She laughed and let go of him.  He bent over and let out a low groan.  “Be normal.  Quit acting like a baby.  See you downstairs.”  She left the room.


Jay breathed to compose himself and dressed.  That bitch was going to prison, he told himself.  No matter what it took, he was going to get her ass.  And, he was not going to lose his wife for it to happen.  That crazy bitch was going down.


Jay heard footsteps and turned his back to the doorway.  Crystal was standing at the doorway.  “Come down to breakfast, Babe,” Crystal said.


Crystal was beautiful in her yellow sundress and sandals, he thought.  He had gotten a glance of her before he turned around.  She looked wholesome.  How did she come from her mother?


“Mother said you two talked while we were gone,” Crystal said.  “Tell me what you talked about.  Give up the secrets.”


“You know your mother,” he said.  Crystal said she did.  No, you don’t, he thought.



I’m going to be nicer to my in-laws.  I may even mind my own business after this story.

Thank you for stopping by and reading and hopefully enjoying this short story.

I will see you tomorrow with another short story.  Until then, enjoy your day.

Thank you,

Stephen Wallace