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Boredom causes some people to do the unthinkable.  The consequences are so easily pushed aside.  To forget about what they have done, people fool themselves into believing it is easy to do.  Join me on a journey through A Dangerous Game – Part 1.  Thanks. 




MONICA JANSEN SAT IN the driver’s seat of her Chevy Tahoe and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel.  It was twelve a.m.  She looked in the rearview mirror and the side mirrors.  No one had come yet.


She felt stupid.  What if it had all been a game?  Maybe it was a test of some sort to prove he could get her to do something outrageous and silly.  If that was his purpose, he had done it.  She was the only one in the parking lot.


Her phone dinged.  A text appeared.  She quickly looked at it.  It read, “Put the blindfold on.  Get out.  Stand by your driver’s door.  Don’t move.  Don’t talk.  I’ll tell you when to speak.”


Monica swallowed.  For a brief moment, she questioned her decision to have let it go this far.  Not to mention, she could be meeting with death.  But, she doubted it.


She began receiving text messages from this man three months ago.  He said he was a man.  She believed him.


The first text was not innocent.  It had nothing to do with wanting to be her friend or getting to know her as a person.  It started out with how he had watched her and came to admire her beauty and quiet demeanor.  The texts continued that way.  How he wished he had met her years ago.  He wished he could turn back time.  Was she happy in her marriage and with her family?  He was, too.  But he could not stop thinking about her.


She thanked him for her interest in her and rejected him many times.  She told him to not text her again.  She was not that kind of woman.  But, her demand never stopped him.  She had promised herself not to answer any more of his texts.  Her rejections just made him more persistent.


One day she caught herself tied up into his text flirting world.  She knew nothing would come of it.  She was a soccer mom.  She had a career, friends, family, too much to risk on a fling.  It just felt good to be admired and wanted in ways different than a wife and mother.


This mysterious man had made it clear to her that he wanted to have her in ways that were not tender and loving.  His animalistic talk had intrigued her.


A woman like her did not get that kind of talk from men.  Men looked at her as matronly.  In their eyes, she was a forty-five-year-old married woman.  But this man saw more.


What also helped her take the leap of faith to meet him was that she was sure she knew who he was.  And, she had had an attraction to him for almost a year.


She was convinced he was attracted to her too.  She did not know why a man like him wanted her.  And, she was not asking.  She only knew it was real.


She put the blindfold on and got out of her SUV.  She held on to her driver’s door and closed it.  Her hand stayed touching the SUV.


A slight wind was in the air.  The summer dress she was told to wear was not warm for the weather.  She was not cold, just chilled.  Goosebumps formed on her arms.


She heard footsteps behind her.  They were not loud.  She had to listen closely to hear them.  The footsteps stopped.


She was shaking.  Not from the weather.  She was scared.  Not knowing what to anticipate.  She wanted to pull off her blindfold and turn and face her messenger.


A hand touched her bare shoulder.  She jumped.  “Who…”  She forgot and tried to talk.


“Shhh,” a man’s voice said.  “No talking.”  She swallowed and exhaled.  Was that him?  She knew it was.  It was him.  “You’re cold.  Don’t look.  I’ll guide you.”  A hand took her by the arm and turned her around.


They walked at her pace.  Her heart pounded against her chest.  “A little more,” he whispered.  They stopped.  She could not tell where they were.  The wind was not as chilly.  “Do you trust me?”


“Yes,” she heard herself say.  She quickly wondered why she said that.  Why didn’t she say maybe?  Show that she had some control about herself.  Not ready to give in to everything he said or did.


“Let me look at you,” he whispered.  “You’re perfect.  You wore the heels I like.”  She had on red high heel sandals that he told her to wear.  He had told her she had worn them before and he liked them.  “That dress always drives me crazy.”


She shivered when his lips touched the back of her neck.  He kissed her up and down her neck.  She bit her lip to keep quiet.


He stood behind her and took her by the wrists.  His chest pressed against her back.  He led her hands down to a hard surface.  She was leaning over.  “Don’t move,” he whispered.


What happened next threw Monica into complete confusion.  She was not prepared as she thought.  She remembered thinking this man was a stranger.  Her thoughts were jumbled after that.  They clashed between right and wrong from selfish to deserving.


The truth she knew was shoved from her mind with lies.  Lies were easier to deal with at the moment.  And they eliminated the guilt that she felt.


After a few minutes, her mind went blank.  Things had moved faster than she had imagined.  Too fast for her to resist.  Too fast for her to think about the consequences.


The control she thought she had evaporated.  Reason and logic ceased to exist.  She had never been more free and afraid in her life.  Was this what risk was all about?  It was exhilarating and scary all at the same time.


Thoughts of the embarrassment she would bring on her children if she were caught were gone.  Thoughts of the risks of losing her family and friends disappeared.  Only what was happening existed.  Nothing else mattered.


A half-hour later Monica drove home and told herself she was not a bad person.  Everyone did things they regretted from time to time.  She was no different.  Besides, it was a one-time event.  She needed to stop worrying.


Bruce Teal could not tell anyone what they did.  He had not told her who he was.  It was easy to figure it out.  He was the principal of her daughter’s school.  His reputation was on the line, just like hers.  He had just as much to lose as she did.


Tomorrow she would call him and tell him what they did was wrong and it was over, she thought.


Deception is one of those words that works both ways.  Monica may want to consider this in the future.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed Part 1.

See you tomorrow.


Stephen Wallace