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Some secrets will not stay secret.  They are often connected to other people’s secrets.  Monica may have learned that lesson.  Enjoy Part 7 of A Dangerous Game.  Thanks.  




MONICA LIFTED THE TAILGATE of her SUV and looked around the garage.  The garage door was closed.  No one was inside.  She glanced inside the back of her SUV.  On the floor were the shopping bag and a large envelope with the cell phone on top of them.  A note was on the phone.


A sick feeling was in her stomach.  Someone put those things inside her SUV.  But when?  Had they come through her house to do it?  Were they in the house when she showered?  How about when she went through it naked?  Were they still in her house?


She left the tailgate up and tiptoed to the small garage door that led into her house.  Two masked men met her at the doorway.  They were standing inside her house.


Monica ran to the back of her SUV.  She was already looking for an escape route.  The garage door was closed.  The keys to her SUV were inside her house.  The men were in the garage.  Her only way out was to run through her house to outside.


“Mrs. Jansen,” one of the men said.  Each man was on a different side of the SUV.  She was not running by them.  Monica was petrified.  She was naked.  No weapon.  She was as vulnerable as anyone could be.  “Mrs. Jansen, you need to hear us out.”  Monica looked around the SUV at one man and then moved to see the other.  “We’re not going to hurt you.”


“Why are you in my house then?” she asked.  “Why are you holding me hostage while I’m naked?  You’re going to hurt me.  Aren’t you?  I don’t even know who you are?  I can’t even see your faces.  You have the wrong house.  If you’re here to rob us, just take whatever you want and go.  You can tie me up and put me in my car.  I won’t make a sound.  I promise.  Please don’t kill me.  Please.  I have children.”


Monica pressed her back against the SUV.  Her head moved from left to right.  The onslaught was coming.  She could feel it.  When the men came for her, she would fight.  How long?  That depended on someone hearing her cries for help.  Her guess was she had a minute or two of fighting in her.  Which meant she would have a minute or two of life left.  She doubted anyone would hear her.  There was no reason for anyone to be at her house at that time of the day.  She was on her own.


“Mrs. Jansen, we’re not here to rob you or hurt you,” a man said.


“You’re lying!” she yelled.  “If not, you’d take what you want and leave.  Why else would you be here stalking me?”


“We’re the FBI,” a man said.  “We’re here because you murdered a person we were investigating.  We’re here because you stumbled into a federal investigation and case.  We’re here to arrest you on federal charges.  That’s why we’re here.”


Monica was too shocked to speak.  “You’re lying,” she said.  Her voice cracked.  “Prove it.  Where are your badges?”


“We’re going to come to the back of the SUV and hold them out for you,” a man said.  “You’re not going to shoot or try and hurt us in any way are you?”


“I don’t have anything to hurt you with,” she said.


“Good,” a man said.  Each man walked to the back of the SUV and held out a badge.  Monica stared at each one and examined them closely.  She asked them how would she know they were real badges.  “We can arrest you and show you.”


She felt sick.  They were the FBI.


“Do you have a blanket inside your car?” a man asked.  She told him no.  “We’re going to allow you back inside your house to cover yourself.  Not alone.  We’re going to watch you.  Once you’re covered, we’re going to lay the situation out for you.”


“How do I know you’re who you say you are?” she asked, scared beyond belief.  Her knees were shaking.


“If we wanted to kill you, or hurt you, or whatever else we wanted to do, we could’ve done it already,” a man said.  “Does that make sense?  We wouldn’t have had to ask your permission.  We’ll try to give you as much privacy as possible.  But, don’t try anything.  No one else needs to die.”


Monica knew he was right.  The two men were taller and bigger than she was.  Even in their dark suits, they looked strong.  She was no match for either of them.


“Okay,” she said and raised her hands above her head.  She walked out from behind the SUV, humiliated.  They treated her like a criminal.  Strange men were watching her every move while she was nude.


“Mrs. Monica Jansen,” one man said.  Both men took her by the arms.  “You are under arrest for murder.”  They pushed her against the SUV and handcuffed her and read her her Miranda Rights.


“No,” she cried.  “I didn’t do it.  No.”



Just when Monica was in the midst of covering her tracks a couple of pesky unannounced houseguests showed up.  Monica had better be able to explain what happened.  If not, this could be the end of her.

I hope you enjoyed Part 7.  I hope your week is off to a great start.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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Stephen Wallace