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Janie feels the stress of life.  It may take her to places she doesn’t want to go.  Please enjoy Part 2 of MY DAY.




JANIE STOOD AT THE STOVE.  She kept looking over her shoulder for the kids.  Where were they?  Why were they not downstairs already?  She expected the three of them to come down at once.  They were late.


Leslie, their fourteen-year-old daughter, came down first.  She poured a bowl of Cheerios.  Despite Janie telling her to eat some egg whites and eggs.  Leslie told her she was watching her weight.  Janie argued had she not heard about the benefits of protein?


“That’s how I lost twenty pounds last year,” Janie said.  She looked over her shoulder at her butt.  “And your father said my rear has never looked better.”  She shook her rear.


“Gross, Mom,” Leslie said.  “I’m eating.”


“When you’re finished, go up and tell your brother and sister to hurry,” Janie said.  “Tell them if they don’t hurry up, I’m going to start picking out what they’re going to wear to school on casual days.  I’m not kidding.  They better not miss that bus.  That goes for you too.  I have several showings today.  One’s early.”


“Okay, already,” Leslie said.  She turned the bowl up to her mouth and slurped the remaining milk from it.  Janie told her she had great manners.  “I’m rushing like you told me.”


Paul came downstairs.  He was showered and wearing just pants.  He gave Janie a sneaky smile.  Janie looked at the clock on the wall and squinted at Paul.  “You told me to hurry,” he said.  “It’s my turn to help with the kids.  That’s why I showered first.”


She looked at him sideways and peered up the stairs.  She made sure Leslie was gone.  “I’m not giving you a blowjob,” she said with her mouth half-closed.  “Not this morning.”


“I’m doing what you asked,” he said.  She told him he was only on time because he wanted her to do it.  “That was great three weeks ago.”  She told him it did not mean he was getting one every week for doing his small part.  “That’s not fair.  You owe…”


Daniel, twelve, and Karrie, ten, came bounding downstairs.


“The threat of me picking out clothes worked, huh?” Janie asked.


“You don’t know how to pick out our clothes,” Daniel and Karrie complained.


“I know that,” Janie said.  “That’s why I won’t be wearing them.  You will.”  She kissed them both on the cheek as they closed their eyes and winced.  ”Keep your eyes open the next time.  If not, I’m going to take you to school and kiss you in front of your friends.  And they’ll be sloppy wet kisses all over your faces.”


“Ill,” Daniel and Karrie said.


“You’re the sheriff,” Janie said to Paul.  “Make sure they’re on the bus.”  He saluted her.  “We pay for those buses.  Private school with their own private buses.  How much easier can life get for them and expensive for us?  So, they better be on that bus.”


“I have it under control,” Paul said in a pleading tone.


She walked upstairs and yelled down the hallway.  “Leslie!  You better be on that bus!” she yelled.


“I will, mom!” Leslie yelled from inside her bedroom.


“We pay for those buses, you know,” Janie said.  She heard her phone ring from inside her bedroom.  “Get out of your room, Leslie, and downstairs.  “I mean it.”  She rushed to her bedroom and looked at the number on her phone’s screen.  She questioned whose number it was.  But answered it anyway.  It could be important.  “Hello?”


“We’re still on?” a female’s voice asked on the other end.  Janie went over to the bedroom door and closed it.  She then paused and looked out the window.  “Are you there?”  Janie looked at the wall and closed her eyes.  “Janie.”


“Yes,” Janie whispered, annoyed.  “Never call me this early.  You know this.  My family is here.”  The woman apologized.  “Bye.”  Janie hung up.


Janie was angry.  She had enough on her plate without this woman adding to it.


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Have a great weekend.


Stephen Wallace