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There is a question in Part 2 of Not So Pretty.  If we are a person of bad character, is everything we do tainted with bad?






“Damn it, Mr. Atkins!” Officer Newman yelled at the man.  He felt lucky that he and Pellgram had taken the man’s gun away and fast.  “You want to get us all killed.  We told you to stay in the house.  Now you’re under arrest.”  The officers put Mr. Atkins in the back seat of the police cruiser in handcuffs.


“Hold on,” David said.  “That’s not necessary.  Don’t arrest him.  No one saw anything here.”  David looked at his men.  “Anybody see this man with a gun?”  Some of the men shook their heads.  “Anyone?”  The rest of the men shook their heads.  “See officers.  No one saw anything.  We’ll testify in court to that.”


The officers glanced at David and back at Kevin Atkins.  “You’re still wearing handcuffs,” Officer Newman said.  “You’re staying in the back seat.  We can’t have another incident like that.  People could’ve been killed.  All of us could’ve been killed.”


“Look, come on,” David said.  “Give the man a break.  I’d feel the same way if my kid was missing.”


Both officers and Kevin Atkins cut their eyes at David.


“How do you know about that, Mr. Jason, David?” Officer Pellgram asked.


“Ask him,” David said and pointed to Kevin Atkins.  “Ask him where his wife.”  Kevin looked confused.  “You’re not confused.  You’re the father, right?”  Kevin did not answer.  “Tell them about your wife.  That’ll help them find your child.  Won’t it?”


“I told you my wife is sick,” Kevin said to the officers through the cruiser’s open window.  The officers asked Kevin if he was telling them everything.  “I’ve told you everything.  I don’t know what he’s talking about.  I don’t know this man.”


Kevin did not know David Jason.  But the police department did.  They believed David Jason was the biggest drug dealer in the Northeast.  Some information suggested he was one of the biggest in the country.  He had ties with everyone in organized crime.  His fingerprints were never found on anything illegal.  But his traits were all over everything illegal.


No one understood how David Jason could go for so long without a single arrest for anything.  One explanation was that David was a hybrid drug dealer.  All of his drug money went into legitimate businesses.  Separating his legitimate ventures from the illegal ones was almost impossible.  And, there was little information that was found concerning David.  It was not enough to charge him with anything.  But what David was not involved in was kidnapping.


“Are you willing to hear me out?” David asked.  “Or should we leave?  Let you boys handle things your way.”


“We’d like to hear you out,” Officer Pellgram said.


“I’ll get to it,” David said.  “By the way, I’m recording this.”  Officer Pellgram told him okay.  “Your wife is Sandra Atkins, correct?”  David was looking at Kevin.


“So what,” Kevin said.


“Now that we’ve got that established,” David said.  “Mrs. Sandra Atkins came to my house tonight around…”


One of the men whispered in David’s ear.  David nodded.


“Eleven o’clock,” David said.  “She dropped Callie off in exchange for meth and cocaine.  Why she thought I did drugs or sold drugs, I don’t know.”


The police officers watched David.  They seemed to be interested in his story.  Kevin started yelling that David was lying.


“Then again, maybe she’s watched all those news stories where police lie about me,” David said.  “Whatever her warped reason was, she told my guys to do what we liked with little Callie for a few hours.  She would then come by and pick her up.  No one would need to know about her arrangement with us.  Those were her words.  Not mine.”


“You’re lying!” Kevin yelled and tried to get out of the cruiser’s window.  “You filthy bastard!  I’ll kill you!  I swear.  I’ll kill you!”


Officer Newman pushed Kevin’s head back inside the cruiser.  “That’s it,” Officer Newman said.  He opened the door and cuffed the already handcuffed Kevin to a metal loop on the back seat.  “You’re going to get yourself and us killed.  Don’t be stupid.  These aren’t the people you go after unless you mean it.  Now you sit here and shut up.  Or I’ll gag you for your own safety and ours.”


“Ouch, my wrists,” Kevin whined.


“You’ll keep those on for now,” Officer Newman said.  “You’re a risk.”  He closed the cruiser’s back door.


“I’ll testify against you in court, Mr. Atkins,” David said.  “You came after me through that window.  Officer Newman had to restrain you.  You already tried to shoot me.  He did what he had to do.  He did his job.  So, if you hurt yourself and can’t perform surgery, that’ll be your fault.  You don’t want to end your Cardiothoracic Surgeon career.”  The police officers looked at one another.  “That’s a great career.  What do you make, over a half million, a million?  You’re impressive.  But you haven’t paid attention to your wife.  She’s not so impressive.  She needs help.”


“Where’s my daughter?” Kevin yelled.  “We’re not going to listen to your lies.  You’re lying!  You’re a damn liar!”


“I’m not lying,” David said.   “And you know it.  Your wife leased your daughter to us.”  He laughed.  “She’s nuts.  She’s a druggie.  She’s a whore.  She’s below a prostitute.”


The police allowed David’s and Kevin’s conversation to continue.  One of them was lying.  Or telling a half-truth.  They needed reliable information to get Kevin’s daughter back.  And they believed what they needed was somewhere between what Kevin was yelling and what David was saying.


“You’re a liar,” Kevin said.  “You’re a pedophile.  A child rapist.”


David sarcastically told Kevin he knew what a pedophile was.  “And you know I’m not one,” David said.  “Don’t you.”


“I don’t know anything about you!” Kevin yelled.  “You damn degenerate.  Give me back my daughter!”  Kevin twisted his body to free himself.  “Why aren’t you arresting him?  He has my daughter!  If you’ve done anything to her.  If you’ve touched her, I’ll kill you.  I’ll…”


“Mr. Jason, where’s his daughter?” Officer Pellgram asked.  “Are you telling us the truth?  If so, where is she?  You may just be telling a story.”


“Okay,” David said.  “I’ll prove it.  I’ll need to put my hand in my pocket to take out my cell phone.  I don’t want you to accidentally shoot me.  Or, shoot me period.  I know how you boys operate.  May I?”


“Go ahead,” Officer Pellgram said.  “No tricks.”


“You don’t have to worry about that,” David said.  “My name isn’t Sandra Atkins.  I’m not going to give anyone a blow job or hand job for a quick taste to get high.  Nor am I going to let young boys lose their virginity to me to make a few bucks to score with.”


“Go to hell!” Kevin yelled out the window.  “You go to hell!”  He kicked at the cruiser’s back door.


“Mr. Atkins, calm down, sir,” Officer Pellgarm said.  “Mr. Jason, do what you said you were going to do.  Prove your story.”


“I will,” David said.  He had his cell phone in his hand.  He pushed an icon on the screen and put the phone to his ear.  “Bring her up here, please.”  He looked at the two officers and then to Kevin with a smirk on his face.


“You damn liar!” Kevin yelled.


“You know who’s the worst in all of this?” David asked.  Then he leaned to the side to clearly see Kevin and stared at him.  “You are.  No balls.  You’re a ball-less husband and father.  You’re lucky.  If I were a bad guy…let’s just say, it wouldn’t be long for you.”


I hope you enjoyed PART 2.

I look forward to seeing you next week.

Stay safe.

Stephen Wallace