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Many of us read two or three, or possibly four, different books at one time.  We move between reading different genres.


I have met people who only read one book at a time.  But they read it in one week.  I am not that fast.  I wish I were.


Several people told me they enjoy the switch between nonfiction and fiction.  It stops them from getting bored with reading one book at a time.  I think the number of books we read at one time depends on us.


I started reading several books at once about fifteen years ago.  I would read a suspense and thriller book and a history or business book.  I began to read this way for two reasons.


The first reason was for entertainment.  As we know, a good fiction book can be very entertaining.  Often the book is better than the movie that was produced because of it.


The second reason I began to read two books concurrently was to increase my knowledge.  In a short time I started to notice that I was building up additional layers of knowledge with nonfiction.  My thoughts were changing and sometimes evolving.


I must be honest.  There were times when a nonfiction book was full of good information.  But I was more inclined to read a novel.  Even though I wanted to learn new things, I would find myself gravitating to the novel.  But I still read the nonfiction book because it had great information in it.


Rarely does that happen now.  I enjoy both fiction and nonfiction.


If you find yourself reading a nonfiction book that is just too much to get through, try this.  It worked for me.


I would read five pages of the nonfiction book in one sitting.  The nonfiction book usually had about five hundred to five hundred and forty words per page.  After I read those pages, I rewarded myself.  I would read five to ten pages of fiction.


Before long I would be just as excited about reading the nonfiction as I was the fiction.


I hope this bit of information helps you.


Two books that I am presently reading today are “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow.  It refreshes what you learned in school about history.  And I happen to like Ron Chernow’s books.


The fiction book I’m reading is “The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye” by David Lagercrantz.  I think it is entertaining.


I would give you more of my opinion on these books.  But I won’t.  I am not a good book critic.  I like all kinds of books.  So, now you have two more books to add to your list of books to read.  You may like them both.


By the way check out Part 3 of Not So Pretty.  I posted it on Saturday.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Take care of yourself.

See you next time.

Stephen Wallace