“Cold Revenge” On Sale Now

Stop by Amazon and check out my new short story Cold Revenge.  See how humiliation can push people to a point of no return.

A night of romance and passion turns deadly on a cold winter’s night.

Walking in on her husband’s secret rendezvous was awful. Mary knew their age difference could cause him to stray. But it was hard to actually see it with her own two eyes. Still, Mary tried to stay calm and approach the unbearable situation in her stoic manner.

With Mary’s unannounced visit, Jack’s plans to have a private, romantic getaway with his girlfriend have taken an unexpected turn. His secret relationship is outed. And before the night is over, lives may be lost.

Betrayal leads to confrontation, which leads to deadly consequences. Who will come out on top? Enjoy this short story of survival. Find out if anyone survives.

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Take care.

I’ll see you soon.

Stephen Wallace

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