We have all seen news reports about people stealing and smuggling illegal animals into other countries.  I wondered what would happen if someone decided to get even with someone using a Black Mamba.  I am no specialist.  But I have read Black Mambas are among the fastest snakes in the world and one of the deadliest.  So we should not attempt to acquire one.  Nonetheless, someone will always try.  Most likely to their own demise.  Enjoy the story.      


SANDRA OPENED THE DOOR to the storage closet and froze.  Irene Dabber stared back at her from inside the closet.  A twelve-foot Black Mumba was draped around Irene’s neck.  It had lifted its head off Irene’s chest when the door opened.  Its eyes were fixed on Sandra.

“Don’t move or talk,” Irene said to Sandra.  Irene spoke stiffly and did not move an inch.  “He’ll strike and kill you before you can close the door.  It can run twelve miles per hour.  You’re not that fast.”  Sandra swallowed and stayed still.  “Good.  Good girl.  I need you to step inside.  Slowly.” 

Sandra did not move.  Her coworkers were in the other room.  All she had to do was run to their office and call for help.   

“I know this is scary,” Irene said.  “You won’t make it.  Don’t run.” 

Irene spoke while paying close attention to her body movements or lack thereof.  She noticed the rise and fall of her chest with every breath and controlled it.  Her arms rested at her sides.  They were relaxed and motionless.  The only muscles that moved were the ones that moved her lips.  Her face was still. 

“Please get in here now,” Irene said.  “Slowly.”

Sandra’s feet were stuck in place.  She tried to lift her feet. They would not move.  It took a few seconds before she could lift one foot and take a step into the closet.  Sandra tried to pay attention to her movements.  But her thoughts were jumbled.  Her brain was having trouble computing what she was seeing.  The predicament she was in with Irene was not believable.    

Irene was her boss and mentor.  She was the president of the company, second to only the CEO.  Why was she in the closet with a venomous snake around her neck?  There had to be a sensible explanation.  She trusted Irene with her career and now her life. 

Sandra was now inside the closet.  She had not realized she had taken another step.

“Close the door with your left hand without turning around,” Irene said. 

Sandra’s breathing sped up.  The Black Mamba extended its body toward Sandra.  Sandra’s eyes widened.  Irene was silently begging her not to run.  Not to move at all. 

“Wait before you reach back,” Irene said.  Her mouth barely moved.   

The Black Mamba slid its grayish-brown head toward Sandra.  Its body extended off of Irene until it was a foot away from Sandra’s face.  Its head moved slowly from one side of Sandra’s face to the other.  The movement was rhythmic.  It looked over her shoulder.  It was as if it was looking over her shoulder to see what was behind her.  Its tongue licked the air.  Then it brought its face back into Sandra’s.  After twenty seconds of staring at Sandra, it withdrew and coiled around Irene’s neck.

Irene closed her eyes and focused on her breath.

Sandra’s face was soaked in sweat.

I hope you enjoyed PART 1 of this story.  If you did, please send it to a friend and follow me on my blog.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Have a good day.

Stephen Wallace     

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