Murder was the only solution to exact revenge.  The anger, hatred, jealousy and shame was too much to bear.  The chance to remove the humiliation was too strong to resist.  Bitter retribution rights a wrong.  The more painful the punishment, the better.  That is what some people believe.  Enjoy Part 2.


THE TWELVE FOOT BLACK MAMBA slithered around Irene’s neck, face and head.  It was so long, part of it was on the floor.  The rest of it nearly covered all of Irene’s face and neck. 

Sandra did not know what to do.  Close the door?  Or wait for Irene’s instructions?  Close the door.  They were trapped in the closet with that snake.

Sandra did not know how Irene was standing so still and taking it.  She just hoped she could keep doing it until the snake crawled off of her.  The snake stopped circling Irene’s face and neck and looked up at the ceiling.       

Irene’s mouth was free from the snake’s body.  The snake had rolled part itself around her neck.  “Close it,” Irene mouthed the words to Sandra.  Sandra watched her and swallowed.  “You have to close it.”  Irene mouthed the words again. 

Sandra reached her shaking hand behind her and found the door. 

“That’s it,” Irene mouthed.  “Nice and slow.  And turn the lock.  Slowly.” 

Sandra eased the door back until it “clicked.”

The snake’s head shot toward Sandra.  Sandra swallowed.  Oh no.  Oh no.  Oh no.  Sandra repeated silently.

The snake uncoiled from around Irene’s face and neck.  It moved across the room toward Sandra.  Sandra went stiff.  Half the snake’s body was still wrapped around Irene’s neck and head.  But its interest was now on Sandra. 

Irene could see Sandra out of one of her eyes.  The other was covered with the snake’s body.  Irene knew one quick move and it could strike them faster than they would see it coming.

Sandra stared at Irene.  If she focused on the snake, which was now in her face, she was going to do something stupid.  She just knew it.  She watched perspiration beading up on Irene’s face.  The snake had glided easily across the room, using Irene’s neck and face as an anchor.  Goosebumps were on Irene’s arms.

Sandra could not feel her own body.  She did not know what her body was doing.  Everything felt numb except her inner thighs.  They were warm.  She did not know why.  And she did not dare move her head and try to look down.  She rolled her eyes downward.  A stream of water was flowing across the floor in front of her from beneath her.  Now she knew where the warmth came from.

Irene felt awful.  Had she not been trying to kill Steve, this would have never happened.  It’s Steve’s fault, she thought.    

I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of this story.  If you did, pass it along to a friend and follow me on my blog.   

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Take care.

Stephen Wallace

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