I hope your Christmas Day is going well.  Throw in a dark Christmas story and add to the festivities.  Enjoy the final part.  I changed the title from ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY WIFE, SANTA – PART 1


DARREN FROZE AT THE bottom of the stairs.  He saw the front door was opened.  Not wide.  But it was open.  He flipped on the lights.  With the bat in the ready to swing position, he rushed over and closed and locked the door.  Then he stood there and looked over the area.

Nothing was out of place.

He walked softly across the floor.  He jerked around after a few steps.  Felicia had come downstairs.

“The police are coming,” she whispered.

He nodded and pointed at her to go back upstairs.  He continued to check out the first floor.  The doors and windows were locked.  Nothing appeared to be missing or knocked over.  It gave him the chills.

He went back upstairs and checked the children’s bedrooms.  They were all in bed, except for Jack, their five-year-old.

Darren heard Jack’s voice saying, “Wait.”

Darren rushed to their bedroom.  That is where Jack’s voice came from.  Darren abruptly stopped outside the door.

Jack was standing in the doorway, staring at the open bedroom window.  The room was freezing.  He was only wearing his thin Batman pajamas.

“Jack,” Darren said.  “What is it?  Felicia.”  Darren whispered down the hallway.  Felicia was probably checking the closets.  “Felicia.  Come in here.  Felicia.”

“Santa took mommy,” Jack said.  Darren was confused.  “Santa took her in a bag.  His big toy bag.  He took her out the window over his shoulder.  Mommy was kicking her feet.  She’ll be cold.  She didn’t have on shoes.”

Darren was stunned and ran over to the window.  “Felicia!!!” He yelled out the window.  “Felicia!!!”

The police arrived in their front yard as Darren was yelling.  Darren ran downstairs and met the officers at the door.  He wasted no time in telling them what happened.  Two officers ran back outside to search the grounds.  Maybe they could catch whoever abducted Felicia.  Darren continued to talk to the other two officers.

“I even had my son repeat what he said,” Darren said.  “He kept saying Santa took mommy.”

One of the officers called for more units to Darren’s address.  Officers checked the home’s roof.  They looked at the front and backyard.  They checked across the street.  They found no footprints except their own.  The snow was undisturbed.  They searched inside the house.  There were no signs of Felicia anywhere.

For months the police thought Darren had something to do with Felicia’s disappearance.  Then they cleared him.

The police’s next theory was she ran away from her family.

“She wouldn’t do that,” Darren said.  Their friends and neighbors agreed with Darren.

Darren explained that two days prior, he purchased Felicia her dream car.  It was the red Ford Explorer parked in their driveway and still was.  She wanted to carry the kids and all their stuff around.  He said that she would never leave her children, life, marriage, dream car, purse, iPhone, and take no money.  In the dead of winter, without shoes on her feet.

“Someone abducted her!” Darren yelled.  He accused the police of not doing their job.

No signs of Felicia had been reported since that night.

This was Darren’s first Christmas alone.  He sent his 4,6 and 7-year-old to his sister and her husband for the night. 

This year he planned to wait for the kidnapper who dresses up as Santa Claus.  And when he comes, he had better have Felica with him, or else.  He squeezed the baseball bat and looked at the stun gun in his hand.

I hope you enjoyed Part 2.

It should keep us in the Christmas spirit. 

And if you enjoyed the story, please pass it along to a friend.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Stephen Wallace

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