If you are afraid that someone will tell something, don’t tell them.  A deep secret is best kept by one person.  Enjoy the story.

MARY ANN DODSOR SAT in her car in the parking lot of Church Street Park in Fayetteville, Georgia.  It was midnight.  The chain over the entrance was up when she drove her Ford Explorer through it.  She was too angry to get out of her SUV and unhook it.

The truth was more than that.  She was so angry she did not see it until she drove through it.  And once she did, she could care less about a damaged chain crossing.  She had urgent things to take care of.  Her life was in danger.

She looked over at her passenger seat.  A hypodermic needle filled with Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) – a knockout drug—was on the seat.  Duct tape, rope, a branding iron, and a blow torch were also on the seat.  All the items would come in handy that night.

Her heart ached from embarrassment and her fall from grace.  She could take the blame for what she had done.  But it was not all her fault.  Cherren Kripen shared some of it.

Cherren had tricked her.  She had confided in Cherren about an affair.  An issue that could ruin her standing in the community.  She could lose her husband and three children over it.

She shared her indiscretion with Cherren one night after feeling depressed.  They were sharing a glass of wine.  Talking the way neighbors do.  And Cherren sensed she was troubled. 

Mary Ann poured out her soul.  She told her deepest secret.  No one else knew she had an affair with another woman.  The woman’s name was Glenda.  It was not planned.  Glenda tricked her into it.  It was when Mary was having trouble in her marriage.  Instead of Glenda comforting her, she took advantage of her.

Two weeks later, Cherren asked Mary if she was gay.  Mary told her no.  It was an accident with Glenda.  That should have never happened.  Cheren believed Mary was a willing participant based on her career as a psychoanalyst.  And given that Mary attempted to kiss her one day told a different story than what Mary had.

Now Mary found herself in a similar predicament as she had with Glenda when Glenda seduced her.

As the old saying goes, three can keep a secret if two of them are dead. 

The truth was that Mary loved Cherren and Glenda.  But Cherren had told her she was gay.  And she owed it to her husband to tell him.  Mary was sure Cherren was going to tell it.  Just like Glenda was going to.

Mary wished things could be different.  But she could not afford to have her life ruined.

Mary watched Cherren drive up in her Jeep.  She picked up the needle and hid it behind her back and got out of her car.  Cherren parked beside her.  She nodded at Cherren and walked up to her car.

Cherren got out.  “Should we kiss first?” Cherren asked.  Since Mary had tricked her into meeting her in an isolated location.  Cherren figured that this was what Mary was hinting to. 

“Sure,” Mary Ann said.  “I can’t wait.”  She put her arms around Cherren and drove the needle in Cherren’s neck.

I hope you enjoyed this Recipe For Murder piece.

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Take care of yourself.

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Stephen Wallace        

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