“I did not mean to kill you.  Well.  I did.  But I didn’t do it.”  Enjoy Part 1.


In San Diego, California, the three-judge panel had to decide if scaring the hell out someone was murder.  

Larry Michaels, 46, and Deidra Logan, 67, stared at one another from opposite sides of the courtroom.  No longer did they give each other dreamy-eyed looks of affection.  Their relationship had come down to each person saving themself.  And did she deserve to collect the $2 million?

Inside the courtroom was another player in the saga.  The behemoth Land Trust Life Insurance Company had three attorneys to represent their interest.  Their minds were made up.  Deidra Logan was not entitled to the $2 million.  She should be prosecuted for murder.

Their reason was simple.  Diedra conspired with Larry Michaels to kill her husband, Greg Logan, 87, a Real Estate tycoon.  And they did.  Therefore the $2 million would be ill-gotten gains.  It would have been obtained illegally in the commission of a crime.  Making the money legally not hers.  Greg did not die of covered causes.  He was murdered.  Intentionally or not.

The three-judge panel listened while Deidra explained what happened.  Her attorney sat stoically. 

Deidra confessed she and Larry were lovers.  This was at the behest of her husband.  Greg told her she would have a man with her when he was out of town on business.  It gave him peace of mind.

Diedra was uncomfortable at first with the idea.  But she wanted to make Greg happy. 

It was innocent in the beginning.  Greg met Larry at the gym.  He invited him home with him.  Larry was six-two and two-hundred and forty pounds.  He had model good looks and agreed to the arrangement. 

Diedra’s petite body felt safe in Larry’s arms.

Once or twice a week Larry came over.  Sometimes Greg was home when he came over, sometimes not. They gave Larry his own bedroom in their La Jolla 7,500 square feet beachfront home.  Greg even gave Larry the use of his convertible Rolls Royce Phantom.  They were a happy threesome.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the story.

If you liked it, please pass it along to a friend.

Take care.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Stephen Wallace

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