Everyone knows if a person dies because you scared him, you didn’t kill him.  He killed himself.  It was his job to practice not being so scared.”  Statement by a defendant.  Enjoy the rest of this story.        


DEIDRA TOLD THE THREE-JUDGE panel that in three months, the threesome relationship took a turn. 

Larry and Deidra fell in love.  Greg, Deidra’s husband, was now in the way of this new blossoming love.  Larry and Diedra felt awful about keeping their feelings a secret from Greg.  But they had no choice.

Greg would have divorced Diedra and kicked Larry out for his disloyalty.  Deidra could not accept that.  She would lose her lifestyle.  Larry could not carve out the lifestyle that she was accustomed to.  He had a disease.  It was called Lack of Ambition.

Larry cleaned pools for a living.  He only worked a half-day and did not want to do anything else beyond that. 

There was only one solution to keep their love and live in comfort.  They had to kill Greg.  His condition would make it easy.  Greg would not suffer at all.  He had had three heart attacks.  He had Vascular Disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Angina, High Blood Pressure, Prostate Cancer, and his physicians worried about him having strokes.  He was also a borderline alcoholic. 

Several cardiologists bluntly warned Greg about the consequences of his unhealthy lifestyle.  Combined with his medical issues he could die at any time if he did not make changes.  Greg ignored them.

Larry and Diedra saw Greg’s medical condition as a blessing.  If they could get Greg to exert himself he could die from it. 

Larry and Diedra took Greg parasailing.  Larry and Greg, inside a cage, got close to a Great White Shark.  The three hiked together.  They went to Pamplona, Spain, and ran with the bulls.  Greg tripped and ran through an open wooden gate for protection.  He had a blast.  Larry went with Greg to test out a Lamborghini Aventador on a racetrack at racetrack speeds. 

This excitement, however, did not tax Greg.  It energized him.  The three months of activities had Greg getting in shape.  It forced Larry and Diedra to use plan two.           

The night came for Larry to kill Greg.  He was supposed to punch Greg in the chest and the esophagus.  With martial arts training, Larry knew where to place the punches.  He would then take a few expensive items and leave. 

Greg’s death would be an open and closed case.  A drifter breaks into an expensive La Jolla beachfront home in San Diego and kills the homeowner.  The homeowners did not have their alarm and cameras on.  They rarely did.

Deidra left the back door open and the alarm off that night. 

Larry snuck in quietly.  Greg was coming into the kitchen.  Larry jumped from behind a wall, ready to strike.  Greg grabbed his chest and fell to the floor.  He was unconscious.  Larry yelled for Deidra.  Deidra came down from their bedroom and told Larry to leave.

Deidra called 911.  The medics arrived quickly and took Greg away.  Greg died on the way to the hospital.

Larry waited for three months for the $500,000 that Deidra promised him.  She was to give him this money before the life insurance paid out. 

At the end of the third month, Larry was still not paid.  He and Deidra had argued about her delay.  Larry filed a civil lawsuit at the start of the fourth month.  It was a disaster when Larry explained why Diedra owed him the money. 

Land Trust Life Insurance Company and the San Diego Police Department got wind of Larry’s lawsuit.  Both had a representative in the court when Larry gave his pathetic explanation that he loaned Diedra $500,000.  It sent up red flags. 

Land Trust stopped payment of the $2 million life insurance policy to Diedra.  The police included Larry and his whereabouts in their investigation into Greg’s death.  The investigation is ongoing.

The questions the judges would answer were: Did Greg die of a heart attack?  Or was he murdered by Larry and Deidra?  Both Larry and Diedra admitted to their plan to kill Greg.  But both, with their attorneys, said the murder never took place.

The judges would get that last say in that.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

If you liked it, please pass it along to a friend.

Take care.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Stephen Wallace

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