All of us have heard of outrageous events going on just beneath our radar.  I remember someone once shared a note with me that she received from a person she did not know well.  The person poured their feelings out to her.  The person then asked her not to tell his spouse.  What amazed me was the person who left a note on her car.  Enjoy the read.      

Little Rock, Arkansas – population 197,992

Jerry Dillion, 62, walked toward the silver Lexus sedan.  He was ten feet away when he noticed a piece of paper on the windshield.  He stopped at the car and looked around. 

A note was taped to the windshield.  He examined the glass.  It seemed odd.  Who would tape a note to someone’s windshield? 

Jerry reached for the note and hesitated.  Then he pulled it off the windshield with his fingertips.  He looked behind him at the mall where he had come from.  Lowe’s entrance caught his eye.   A man walked out of Lowe’s and stopped. 

Jerry thought the man was looking at him.  The man went to his left.

Jerry got inside his car and opened the note.

Hi Jerry,

I’ll get to the point.  You owe me money.

You and your bank promised me and others a three percent interest rate on our savings for one year.  But then you found a way to renege.  You paid us less than one percent.  You will put the other two percent and change in our accounts.

You know the accounts I’m referring to.  We’re good customers.

If you do not pay me my money by tomorrow afternoon, you will get a beating.  It will not be pleasurable, like the beatings you get at Mary’s Massage Parlor off of Highway 10.  The place you go to every Wednesday but tell your wife you’re bowling.

This beating will not take place in any kind of parlor.  This beating will occur in the back of a van down by the river.  You will scream.  But unlike at May’s, it will not be in ecstasy.  I think you get my drift.

You will not eat, sleep well, or sit comfortably for months.  Get me money or suffer the consequences.  Don’t try to run from it.  Be a man.  Either pay us our money or take your medicine.


Someone Who Can’t Wait To Get Their Hands On You!

I hope you enjoyed the story.  If you did, pass it along to a friend and follow me on my blog.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Stephen Wallace

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