Falling in love can be intoxicating and freeing.  All our worries seem to melt away.  The pitter-patter of our little hearts leaves us breathless.  The object of our desire can do no wrong.  Life is great. 

We have all been in love before.  Some of us are still in love.  And if we know what’s good for us, we won’t stray.  But read this just in case you feel the need to try your luck.  Enjoy the read.

A hot night in July in Miami, Florida

Isabella Forinn pulled back the windshield wiper on the Porsche 718 Spyder and bent it backward.  She put an envelope against the windshield and stepped back to admire her work. 

She removed her stilettos heels and looked left and right.  She then kicked the gray metal Porsche’s door with the bottom of her foot.  It hurt her heel.  She did it again while the alarm was going off.  She put her shoes back on and sashayed across the street. The form-fitting dress hugged her everywhere she wanted it to.  She paused before getting into her Lamborghini SUV and drove away.

Michael Dennison ran out of the highrise’s lobby’s door wearing long pajama pants and a tee-shirt.  His Porsche was parked along the curb.  He had parked it there overnight.  His mother and father-in-law’s Prius was in his space in the parking deck.  They were visiting until morning. 

He stopped the Porsche’s alarm and walked around it.  The dent in the door was large.  The doorman shouted to Micheal that he saw a woman kick the car and drive off in a dark SUV.  Michael waved thank you to the doorman.  He took the envelope from his car and opened it.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for using me.  You had your way with me in more ways than you know.  But wait a minute.  That’s not true.  You do know.  You were a wonderful lover and a terrific teacher.  The lessons you taught me will never fade from my memory.

The thought that you would love me forever sent chills down my spine.  Your love gave me the strength to face up to my husband and tell him what I felt.  That’s why I told him about our passion.  The way you made me feel.  The way you held me at night while he was out of town on business was too sweet for words.  I even told him the way you took me as no other man had. 

Our love forced me to walk out on him.  But you lied.  You were never right behind me.  I’m glad you still have your wife and kids. 

My life is over.  Thank you again. 

I’m moving from my Florida home in Miami to Palms Springs, California.  My ten million dollar waterfront home goes to my husband and our three children.  Thanks to you.

Since I abandoned them, the Judge deemed me unfit to see them.  He called me an unfit mother.  Can you believe that? 

I plan to fight for my parental rights.  My attorney has advised me that I’ll lose.  She said I’d need to complete a parenting program first.  It could be six months before I see my children.

You screwed me, Michael.  You sucked the life from my lungs.  You no good…Sorry. 

Thank you for using me and tossing me away like trash. 

I understand that once I professed my love for you, it was too much for you to handle.  And the ten-year age difference may have been too much too.  Forty-five with a thirty-five who knows….   

Rest assured, this is not our last time seeing each other.

Late at night, early in the morning, in the darkest hours, you will see me.  I will stand over you before I slit your throat.

Sleep well.

Forever yours,

A Foolish Woman who believed in love who wants revenge

I hope you enjoyed the story.

If you did, pass it along to a friend and join me on my blog.


 Stephen Wallace  

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