This story reminds us of how love can take us in a direction we did not see coming.  Oh, the beauty of love and the thorns it carries.  Enjoy PART 1.  Let it take you through the week.      

PART 1  

MARY PACKED THE LAST few items from her desk into the box.  She then reached inside her tote bag and grabbed the ten-inch knife’s handle and squeezed it.  She could run out the door to her left and straight down the hallway and get even.  Prove to everyone that behaviors had consequences. 

Mary let go of the knife and looked up from the bag when she caught herself just standing there. 

Coworkers worked and glanced at her from their workstations.  The ones that knew her felt sorry for her.  She was leaving the company she enjoyed working at for personal reasons.  Too proud and private to say what those reasons were.  She only said “personal situations” when asked about her departure. 

A few of the company’s long-time executives came out of their offices to wish Mary well on her next journey in life.  All of them said if she found that things worked themselves out, she was welcome back, if she wanted to come back.

The outpouring of gratitude and respect overwhelmed Mary.  She held back most of her tears.  But a few got away from her and streamed halfway down her face before she wiped them away. 

Her toughest moment was when her boss of five years gave her a hug in front of everyone.  Her eyes filled with tears.  Darren almost held her too long and declared the office would never be the same without her.

Mary’s voice cracked and shook as she said goodbye to everyone.  Many told her to stay in touch.  And unlike empty and hollow praises and comments, her soon-to-be-former coworkers meant what they said.  They would miss her. 

Thirty-two-year-old Mary was a delight to work with.  She smiled almost every day and throughout the day.  If anyone needed a favor, she was the first to volunteer.  And her help went beyond the office.  If a dog or cat needed watching while someone was on vacation, they could count on her.  If a coworker needed a ride to a mechanic’s shop to pick up a car, she would drop them off before going home. 

Mary walked through the middle of the office carrying her box of belongings.  She had refused help from others who wanted to walk her to her car.  She playfully accused them of wanting to see her cry.    

Mary’s stoic expression hid the anger that was close to the surface and ready to explode.  She was numb from head to toe from the shock of the day.  She had given up a $110,000 a year job and left her husband eight months ago for nothing. 

Mary swallowed hard and gulped down her tears before more could escape.  How could she have been so stupid?  She quit her job of 10 years to go public with a one-year relationship with her married boss that was still a secret to everyone.  Employees were not allowed to date within the firm.  If employees were caught dating, both were terminated. 

The questions that filled Mary’s head were giving her a headache.  What if you quit your job and were tricked by your lover?  Could you get your job back?  Was it too late to correct your stupidity?  What about your restoring your pride?  How does one do that?

She squeezed the handles of the cardboard box and fumed. 

I hope you enjoyed PART 1 of this story.

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Take care.

Stephen Wallace

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