Stephen does not like to talk about himself.  He rarely talks to others.  He spends a lot of time in his small office writing.  That is what he does.  He writes a lot, reads a lot and exercises.  He is not a recluse.  He is just a private person.

He likes hearing what people say and how they feel about his writing.  He has many stories that fill his mind that need to come out.

He enjoys writing in all genres—drama, mystery, suspense, thriller, horror and romance.  He wants to touch your heart and your nerves and invade your dreams.  For those who like horror, he wants to make you sleep with one eye open.

His goal is to entertain you.  He hopes to do that for you.  To add a little more drama, excitement or horror to your life will make his day.

He looks forward to learning more about you.  Maybe you and he can correspond.  Maybe you will play a small role in one of his upcoming stories.

Thanks for stopping by.