Reading a good story is like taking a vacation.  It pulls us out of our lives into others’ lives.  We can stay for a few minutes or hours.  It is our choice.

We experience others’ committing murder.  We feel the suspense and drama brought on by the characters.  We see how love takes people down unwanted paths.

The best part is that we experience all of this from a distance.  None of us wants to be around when people are committing murder and having affairs.  Things could get dangerous.

I write books and short stories from different genres.  Drama, suspense, thriller, horror, love stories, I love to read and write them all.

Reading those different stories made me want to be a writer.  The stories entertained me and took me to another place or world—if only for a few minutes here and there.   That made me want to entertain readers like you.

The ideas for some of my stories come from everyday life—with some twists and turns added in.  Sometimes the twists and turns are severe.

The stories you will read on my blog are short stories and chapters from my books.  I hope you enjoy my writings and get lost in the stories.  What other way is there to read a story—except to get lost in it?

I look forward to entertaining you.  Along the way, if you don’t mind, leave me some comments to let me know what you think.


Stephen Wallace