Closing Costs

Patti’s real estate company was on the brink of death. The downward turn in the market was threatening to destroy the business. They had good employees who lately were panicking and ready to jump ship. She promised them that everything would be fine, their jobs were secure. But it was apparent that it wasn’t true.

Then an opportunity came along. Initially, Patti refused it. The risk and the gamble were too high to take. But her mounting problems were leaving her with few choices. Her company and personal debt were careening out of control. And, her husband just announced he could lose his job.

Patti’s way of life was crumbling all around her. There were times she could barely breathe.

Desperate and feeling trapped by her circumstances, she would take the deal. She would have to deceive her family, her employees, and everyone she knew to hang on and survive.

Now she worried if she could go through with it. Would the nightmares and panic attacks prove too much for her to continue? Would the pressure destroy her and her family anyway?

Find out in this short story of survival, betrayal, and deception.

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