The Concierge Series

The Concierge

Parents are going missing around the country. Children are showing up alone at charitable organizations. They will not give their names nor addresses. Some refuse to talk at all. But, the notes the children carry have these organizations hiding them from law enforcement.
Individual police departments think these events are only happening in their cities and towns—the missing parents and children too few to raise a national alarm.

One detective, however, is secretly investigating the missing parents and children. Despite what top officials say, he knows it is nationwide.

His research has led him to a man named Clay Vanster. Clay appears to be rich and powerful. Many people know him. The problem is no one knows what he looks like or where he is. Except for one person—Thomas George.

Thomas is the Head Concierge at the luxury five-star Merle Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the best in the business. Rival hotels attempt to hire him every month. His colleagues envy and respect him. He has met and served Presidents—domestic and foreign. Business people around the world speak highly of him. He raises money for charitable organizations and police departments. Politicians, actors, and other influential people stay at the Merle when visiting Atlanta. Thomas’s attention to detail attracts them and keeps them coming back.

No one has a negative or disparaging word to say about Thomas. He is described as humble and sincere. His charm mesmerizes people. He is willing to help anyone in any way that he can. Anything guests want he makes happen.

Detective Green wonders, with such a stellar reputation, why would Thomas have a business relationship with Clay Vanster? If his research is correct, Clay Vanster could be involved in horrific crimes?

Is Thomas’s connection to Clay a simple coincidence? Who is Thomas George? And what is the depth of his relationship with Clay Vanster?

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The Concierge: Debts and Payments

(The Concierge Book 2)

What do a dead girl in Tennessee, a truckload of missing Bugattis in New York, and three missing people in Georgia have in common? From the outside, each incident stands alone. Thomas George, however, knows they are all connected by a single thread.

Thomas is the Head Concierge at the five-star luxury Merle Hotel. He is charming. Providing service is an art to him. Guests, politicians, actors, and business people worldwide seek him out for his unmatched reputation. He is considered the best in the industry. But his specialty, above all, is keeping secrets. Some are dark and deep. Some are deadly.

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