The Dark Memories Series

Dark Memories

Sarah McDougal and her husband, Frank, hid a dark past. Unbeknownst to their friends and family, they were not the gentle grandparent couple that everyone had known.

Sarah had aged now. Frank had passed away after more than 40 years of marriage. Sarah had family and friends left to look after her. Then her mind started giving up her secrets, bit by bit. And that dark past began to resurface.

What dangers will Sarah inadvertently bring back to life? How many people will die because of her?

When this dangerous information gets out, it will attract unwanted attention. Old questions will be renewed. People who remembered things will come out of the shadows. Some still feel wronged and believe they are owed. Others will want revenge and payback.

Enjoy this dark novella about decades-old secrets coming out to tell their final story.

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