The Ripple Series

Prequel to The Ripple Series

Pamlea and Gary Kanacki stood outside with many of their neighbors and watched the police go in and out of their neighbor’s house. What was going on? Where were their neighbors who lived in that house? The husband, wife and children, where were they? Why had the police blocked the street with yellow crime tape? Why were residents forced back away from the house?

Rumors of murder spread through the crowd. But they had to be just rumors. This was a good neighborhood. Neighbors looked out for each other. Murders did not happen. Not on their street. That is what most of the residents thought.

But, among the gawking neighbors, someone knew more than they were saying.

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Ripple: The Kanacki’s Story

Affairs to Gary Kanacki were not serious. There were no victims involved. Two consenting adults making each other feel good was not a crime. Be discreet. Never tell. Never hurt anyone. Carry your guilt to the grave. No harm, no foul. An affair was simple pleasure. That was all it was.

What Gary did not consider was what happened when someone did find out. What if the person who found out about the affair was not as even tempered as he was? What if, to them, there were victims? What if they were not in a forgiving mood? What if they were hurt and angry? What if they decided to unleash their anger? What then?

Deceit, betrayal, and misguided revenge will tear through the lives of those in The Kanacki Story. Innocent will not be innocent. Apologies will not be accepted. The only question is who will survive?

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