The Secret Pawn Series

The Secret Pawn

What if you found out that your marriage was a sham from nearly the beginning? Rachel has just found that out, in the most brutal of ways. For years, her husband was leading a double life. She ignored all of her nagging intuition, kept up the façade and told herself that nothing was wrong. Their marriage wasn’t perfect, but it was stable. Boy, was she wrong.

Enter Stephen Barr. Stephen was a hitman. He was also on a mission of his own. The bigger plan’s outcome rested on what Rachel, his pawn, would decide to do. If she chose wisely, he could set himself up for a more secure position in his line of work. He just had to convince her to do the right thing for his plan – a plan she could know nothing about.

Rachel had to decide quickly whether to trust what she was hearing or not. Keeping her head buried in the sand could cost her her life. She would be forced to make tough decisions, with no easy choices. She was going to have to choose between death and a worst-case scenario.

What would this night bring? What would her future be like after this night? Time to pull her head up out of the sand and face reality.

The Secret Pawn is an action-packed thriller with many players and a few plots occurring over the course of one night. Too many choices by too many players will make the outcome a toss-up. It is a complete story with an ending which leads to more books in a series. No big cliffhangers.

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