We were Kidding


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Enjoy this short story and how it came about.  See you next time.

Sometimes when I think of a story I want to write I have to fit the pieces together.  The story often comes from an idea.  But then, as I begin to think about it, different scenes become visible.  Depending on the story, some scenes become so clear I can write out the entire scenes right then.  But, normally I do an outline.

As the story is coming together I ask myself questions.  What if this happened?  What if that happened?  What if this person did this?  Here is a brief story that came from questions when I was piecing together another story.  These were the questions.

What if Joe was the loud mouth coworker that everyone hated?  What if Joe knew this and intentionally antagonized his coworkers?  What if those coworkers decided to play a prank on Joe?  Let’s see what happens when they do.  We will join everyone at the bar.  I called the story We Were Kidding.

We were Kidding

Joe told another joke at Ben’s expense and slapped him on the back.  Then he leaned in three inches from Ben’s face and slurred loudly with spit spraying with each word, “I’ve gotta go drain the lizard!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Drain the lizard!”  He yelled and spit flew into Ben’s face as he stumbled off toward the bathrooms.

“I hate that guy,” Ben said.  “Are we going to do what we said we were going to do or not?  That’s the only reason I’m here.  I’d never go to a bar with that jackass.”

“Calm down, Ben,” Jackie said.  “We’re going to do it.  We told you we needed him to get drunk.  It’s not like one of us was going to grab him and do it.”

Ben looked at Jackie, Sandra, Curtis, and Leon.  Jackie was right.  Joe weighed at least one hundred and ninety pounds.  Curtis was heavier than Ben and weighed maybe one hundred and fifty pounds.

“Be quiet,” Ben said.  “Here he comes.”

“You guys talking about me?” Joe said.  They shook their heads and frowned as if to say Who us?  “You better not be.”  He laughed loudly while leaning his face close to theirs.  “I’m ready to get out of here.  Who’s ready to go?”

They were all shocked.  Joe had thrown them off their plan.  They did not have to lure him outside.  He was ready to leave.  They spoke up all at once.  “Sure.  Sounds good.”  They looked at one another and followed Joe out the door.  In the parking lot they stood around.  Joe looked strangely at them and vomited.  He turned his head spraying Jackie and Ben.

“Damn it!” Jackie said, jumping back.  Not in time.  Her heels were ruined.  She kicked them off and stood in her bare feet.  Joe looked at her and paused and laughed.  “You piece of…”  She smacked Joe hard across the face.  Joe snapped back and lost his footing and fell to the ground, laughing.  “Screw this shit.  We’re doing this now.  Sandra.”  Sandra knew what to do.  She was the lookout.  “Come on.”  Jackie said to Leon and Ben.  “Get his ass.”  The three helped him up.  “Give me his keys.”  She snatched them from Joe’s hand.  “You’re riding in the passenger’s seat.  You’re too drunk to drive.  I’m driving your car back with you.”

“I like that,” Joe said.  “We’ll get to know each other.”

“Yes, we will,” Jackie said.  Leon, Ben and Jackie helped put Joe in his passenger’s seat.  Jackie opened the back door behind the passenger’s seat and began to wrap duct tape around Joe.  “Don’t just stand there.  Help me.”  Joe mumbled about what was going on.  He laughed and said that he liked bondage.

“Good,” Sandra said and helped Jackie wrap the duct tape around him.  When they were finished Sandra slammed the passenger’s door shut.  “You guys didn’t do much of anything.”  Sandra said to Leon and Ben.  They tried to explain they helped wrap tape around him.  Jackie just jumped in and took over.  “Just drive him to the lake.”  She looked at Ben and Leon.

Ben and Leon got into Joe’s car and drove him to the lake.  Joe was slurring his words the entire ride there.  Leon sat in the backseat.  His eyes were big.  Ben told him it was just a joke to teach him lesson.  No one was getting hurt.

Sandra and Jackie followed behind them in Sandra’s car.  They talked about doing something different than their original plan.

Ben parked the car by the lake.  He and Leon got out.  Sandra and Jackie had pulled up behind them.  They got out.

“You know what,” Sandra said.  “Jackie and I were talking.  He needs to be taught a bigger lesson.  Let’s not just leave him here overnight.  Let’s make him pay for all the bullshit he’s done over the years.”

Leon and Ben looked at each other and at Jackie and Sandra.  They were confused.  Their mouths hung open wondering what Sandra and Jackie were up to.

Jackie walked up to Joe’s car and got inside.  She stepped on the brake and put it in neutral.  She then disengaged the emergency brake.  Joe’s car was on a slight decline.  She took her foot off the brake and jumped out.  The car rolled slowly down the hill.  Joe was almost passed out in the passenger’s seat.

“What are you doing?!” Leon yelled.  “We didn’t say anything about killing him.”

“Relax,” Sandra said.  “The water is only four feet deep.”  Leon looked confused.  Ben looked at Leon and nodded.  “It’s just going to damage his car.”  Leon was shaking his head.

The four watched the car roll into the lake.  It hit the water and slowed.  Then the front end dipped and the back end shot straight up in the air.

“Shittt!” Ben yelled.  “This isn’t Lake Parsons.  It’s Lake Riley.  It’s really deep!”

They all stood there wide-eyed as the car went straight down.


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Some things are better to forget.  

Maybe you have a few things in your past that you would like to forget.  Enjoy this short story.  See you soon.  

Kevin was an adult now with children of his own.  His mother, Eve, had driven the fifty miles to be with him and his family on July fourth.  His three children, Carrie, Joyce and Eva, adored their grandmother.

Kevin found their relationship with her similar to the one he and his siblings had with her.  She made them laugh a lot.  She encouraged them to dream and dream big.

Kevin watched her with his daughters.  He thought that sometimes she forgot that she was talking with six, seven, and eight year olds.

On one of her visits Kevin overheard her giving his three daughters a motivational talk one night.

“There’s nothing you can’t do,” she told them.  “As girls you must be better than the boys.  That’s how you get the world’s respect.  You don’t ask for respect.  You take it.”

Kevin understood where his mother’s steely advice came from.  It came from times in life that he would like to forget.  One of those times will be forever etched in his brain.

He was five.  No one remembers much about being five.  He did not either.  But he remembered one thing.  It was as clear to him at forty as it was at five.

Kevin’s father had walked out on him and his siblings and his mother when Kevin was four.  There were rumors that his father was seeing a girl named Ida Wilson.  Ida was not even referred to as white trash.  She was too poor to even be considered white trash.  She was fifteen.  When people talked about her they called her “That girl.”  Her name was not worthy enough to be mentioned.

The house, calling it a house was kind, that Ida lived in was made of four large pieces of plywood that were nailed together.  The roof was also made of plywood.  The entire structure leaked when it rained.  Inside was hot when the weather was hot.  It was freezing when the weather was freezing.  It had no running water or electricity.  The house would not even qualify as a shack.

Kevin’s family, on the other hand, was considered white trash.  Many people in their town called their family that.  That was ironic when you considered that the whole town was living on the verge of collapsing.

The town was small with few opportunities to get ahead.  Factories were leaving every month.

Living in a small town everyone knew everything about everybody.  But, it did not mean that everyone would tell you what was going on behind your back.

Instead they would talk about you and what was going on behind your back amongst themselves.  Your life became their entertainment.  You were the joke of the town.  You just did not know it until the punch line came.

When Kevin’s father ran off with Ida people seemed to turn their backs on them.  People came across as if his father leaving was the rest of the family’s fault.

Kevin’s mother ignored the gossip.  She worked hard to provide for her children.  She worked as a maid.  At home she grew vegetables and raised chickens.  She made sure they were taken care of.

Kevin and his siblings thought their family was doing well.  They were eating and could buy clothes at times.  Everyone was mostly happy.

Six months after his father walked out his mother had shown him and his siblings they could survive on their own.

One afternoon, after getting home from church, Kevin was digging near the rose bushes.  When the stick he was using hit something.  Kevin used the stick to poke at it.  That is when he noticed a finger sticking up from the soil.  Not afraid, he dug in another direction.  His stick snagged a faded dirty yellow dress.

Eve had been watching from the porch.  Once she realized what was happening, she ran down to Kevin.

She had Kevin help her cover up the man’s finger and the girl’s dress.  Then she told him, “This is our secret,” she said.  “This is how we help ourselves.  Your father had money we needed to survive on.  It was not meant for him to take it with a young girl and spend it all.”


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Love Me


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This content is for readers who are 18 years and older.

Meet three additional characters in Love Me.  Get to know them.

Chapter 4

JIMMY HID BEHIND THE dumpster in the alley, breathing through his nose and mouth.  His mouth was opened wide.  It allowed him to breathe quieter.  But he could not breathe that way much longer.

The putrid smell of garbage, urine, rotting vegetables, and vomit filled his lungs.  He gagged several times but held it back.  The slightest sound could end his life.

Not far behind Jimmy were men talking.  Footsteps were coming down the alley toward him.  Maybe they would not hear him.  He prayed they would not.  He did not know if he had enough left in him to run any farther.  He just needed a few minutes to rest.

He was on foot.  The men had chased him in a car.  He had cut through parking lots.  He had hidden behind stores.  He had ducked down on patios that had low privacy walls in front of them.  Each time the owner called the police.  When the police car blocked the only entrance and exit out of the neighborhood where he was hiding he climbed over a fence.

The cops stood on the other side by the fence yelling for him to stop.  He ran across a busy street and disappeared into the alley.  A minute later the men who had chased him into the neighborhood were now in the alley.  The headlights from their car lit up the alley.  How could they have gotten there so fast? He wondered.

“Jimmy,” a man said.  “Jimmy.  You’re just making it worse.  You better come out and man up.”  Trash cans hitting the ground made loud noises.  The trash cans were behind stores and shops.  They belonged to the stores and shops.  Jimmy had tried to open a few of their back doors.  But they were locked.  “You have to give back what you stole.  Maybe he’ll take it easy on you.  But you have to man up.”

Jimmy was not about to listen to Kino.  Kino was the man talking.  He was around five eleven and well over two hundred and sixty pounds.  He was maybe thirty-eight.  Half of those years had been spent in prison.  Jimmy knew if Kino got his hands on him he was going to get a brutal beating just for running.  Then he would get another beating for winning the poker game that he was accused of cheating in.

This was why Kino chased people.  It was why he would visit your home.  Someone would have hired him to cause you pain.  There would be no talking.  Talking was not part of his job.  Beating people was his job.  And he was good at it and seemed to like it.

The other man with Kino was Bruce.  Bruce was a few inches taller and about thirty pounds heavier than Kino.  Bruce was known to anyone who gambled underground.  He was a debt collector.  He was tattooed from the top of his head to his ankles.  He was not the person you wanted to be mad at you.  He, too, had spent most of his forty years in prison and in gangs.

Jimmy, weighing around one hundred and sixty pounds, with few fighting skills, was no match for these men.  That is why when they caught up to him at one forty-five a.m. at a bar known for gambling in a secret back room, he tried to explain the poker incident.

He had not cheated.  The ten thousand was his.  He had won it fairly.  His explanation almost worked about how he outsmarted the other players.  But the man who had setup the illegal poker game had had cameras watching all the players.  That included Jimmy.  The cameras recorded him cheating.

Although Jimmy did not owe the ten thousand dollars, he did owe the owner of the game three thousand dollars and an additional three thousand dollar penalty.  The owner of the game had been calling Jimmy for a week.  On the seventh day the owner sold Jimmy’s debt.  Bruce and Kino were the collectors.  Jimmy did not know who the new owner of the debt was.

“Jimmy!”  Bruce yelled.  “You little shit bag.  You’re pissing us off.”

Jimmy looked up.  Bruce was right over him.  But he had not seen him.  If he had he would have grabbed him.  That part of the alley was dark.  He could wait them out until they were gone.  He just needed—

“Gotcha,” Kino said and grabbed at Jimmy.  He had a hold of Jimmy’s shirt.  Jimmy ran and jerked away from him.  He felt his shirt rip down the middle, leaving Kino a handful of cloth.  He was gone.  “Get your ass back here!”

Jimmy ran down the alley.  Bruce and Kino were huge.  But he was fast.  There was no way they would even come close to catching him.  And by the time they got to their car he would be some place else.  Two idiots were what they were.  Dumb and big were all there was to those two.

As his lungs burned Jimmy ran faster.  He thought about laying low at a friend’s apartment for a few weeks.  He needed to get off their radar.  They would not forgive his debt.  But they would move on to other debtors.  He would not be their top priority like he was now.

Jimmy looked over his shoulder for headlights.  Something like a large tree limb hit him in the chest.  His head jerked forward.  His feet left the ground.  Air shot from his lungs.  He was almost unconscious before he hit the ground.  He was barely breathing.

His semi-unconscious body was jerked off the ground.  Then he felt himself slung across the shoulder of someone.  He was disoriented and could not get his bearings.  He only knew his body was floating.  Then he came down hard onto something.  His legs were thrown about.  Suddenly the light disappeared.  A loud thud followed.

Jimmy’s body bounced around.  He tried to move.  But he could only move about a foot on each side.  It took him a few minutes of getting knocked around before he knew where he was.

He was inside a trunk.  He needed a game plan.  When the car came to a stop he needed to be prepared to bolt from the trunk.  He did not know where they were taking him.  He just needed to be ready.

The car slowed and stopped.  Minutes went by.  Jimmy’s heart pounded in his mouth.

The trunk opened.  Jimmy quickly lifted up.  A fist connected between his eyes.  It sent him back down on his back.

Jimmy woke up to Kino, Bruce, and Eddie D. standing around him.  He was tied to a chair in the middle of an old warehouse.  He tried to jerk himself free.  But he was not moving.  He knew about these places.  Abandoned warehouses were where people were taken to be talked to.  Talked to was another way of saying the person was going to be severely beaten.  Even if the person paid the debt immediately, or promised to pay more money, they were getting a beating.

Eddie D. was the worst person to be in debt to.  He was the one who bought Jimmy’s debt.  Eddie D. was six two and around three hundred pounds.  An animal was more human than Eddie D.  He was a bouncer at a strip club.  He always had one or two scams going.  He had been in prison for extortion, manslaughter, attempted murder, fraud and so many other things.

Eddie D.’s newest scam was to have dancers sleep with men for three hundred an hour.  Some of the dancers were doing this before Eddie D. got involved.  The problem was many times they were getting ripped off by their clients.  Some clients refused to pay.  Some paid less than they owed.  Some who did pay took more than they paid for.

A couple of dancers approached Eddie D. for help.  His solution was he would take twenty-percent of all sessions to provide each dancer security.  It worked.  Then Eddie got a better idea.

Why not extort money from clients when they became bored with sleeping with the dancers.  Eddie D. secretly had photos taken of the men having sex with the dancers.  When the men told the dancers they were done seeing them Eddie D. asked for six to ten thousand dollars to end the relationship.  Most men paid it as opposed to having the photos go public.  Most had good jobs and families.

Some men balked at paying Eddie D. anything.  That is when Eddie D. got physical with them.  They quickly came to their senses.  Eddie D. was not a person they wanted coming around their home.  They normally paid.

“If you let me call my sister she’ll bring the money to you,” Jimmy said.

Eddie D. looked at Jimmy and laughed.  “You’re a pathetic little shit,” he said.  “You’ll bring your sister into this.  And if she comes down her without the money, which she probably will, you know what that means?”  Jimmy shook his head.  “Yeah.  You know.  She pays for your crime.  And then you pay again.  If I had time, believe me, I’d have you bring her down here.  And when we were finished with her she’d never talk to you again.  But as luck has it I don’t have time.”

Eddie D. took off his shirt.  “You’ll have to pay for this one alone,” Eddie D. said, putting on gloves and walking up to Jimmy.


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Strangers At My Door – A Mystery


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In the corners, in the dark, who knows what waits for us.   

BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  BAM!  

I jump and crawl to the front door on all fours.  I take a firm grip on the knife handle and ready myself to fight.  My gun is in my bedroom.  It is too far away to get to if they kick the door open.


I jump.  But I do not move and let them know that I am inside.  If they know I am inside they will know I am alone.  They will come in and take me.  I have my ear to the door.  It is quiet.  Are they tricking me?  Are they gone this time?  I am not going outside to take a chance.  What if they grab me?  My family would have no idea where I was.  They would not know where to look for me.  Right now I do not know where they are.

I went to work one day and came home and they were gone.  I have not seen them or heard from them since.  I cannot ask anyone.  I do not know who is friendly, who is not.  I do not know who is in on their disappearance.  That is why I have kept up my schedule without taking a break.

I go to work.  I go to the grocery store.  I go about my activities just as I have before.  I keep my eyes open and ears listening.  Someone, somewhere, is going to slip up and say where my family is.

Right now I have to keep looking normal even when things around me are changing.  People are spying on me.  Many people in my neighborhood are new to me.  But they pretend that they have known me for a while.  But I know what they are doing.

They are waiting for the right moment to grab me.  Then, no one will ever hear from me.  And, they do not know that I know they’re watching me.

I will give you an example.  I checked out my front door one night.  The front door lock looked different.  Its color is still dark silver.  The design is the same.  But it looks newer.  There should have been scrapes on it or some markings from my family’s keys, from us fumbling to get the key in the keyhole.  That is what I expected to see.  But I cannot say that I had noticed any scrapes or markings on it before.  Maybe the lock was scratch-resistant.  Or, maybe it is what I think.

Someone changed it.  Why?  I don’t know.  And how can my key still fit the lock?  They must have changed it to a lock that fits many different keys.

That would mean they are gaining access to my house while I sleep.  Are they letting themselves in while I am at work?  Are they searching through my things while I am away?  What are they looking for?  Why did they target me?  What could I have that they want?  Why have these people invaded my privacy?  Are they waiting on the perfect moment to kidnap me?

I do not want to disappear into the night where no one can find me.  I need to protect myself.  Maybe I should call the police?  But what will I tell them?  I have no proof of anything out of the ordinary.  They will think I am psychotic and lock me away.  And that would mean they were in on it.

I cannot call the police.  I am going out of mind trying to think of who is stalking me—FBI, CIA, another intelligence agency?  What do they want from me?  They probably know my every move.  I must go on the offense.  Who can I hire to check my home for listening devices or cameras?  I am not going down sitting still.  They may think that since I am a woman that I cannot protect myself.

Tonight, I will sleep on the floor beside my bed again with the knife and gun in my hands.  And when those intruders sneak into my home tonight, I will stab them and put them in the basement with the other three intruders.

I miss my husband and two daughters.  I have not seen them in two days.  I suspect the intruders have taken them.


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Love Me


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This content is for readers who are 18 years and older.

“Why, my love?  Why are you not faithful to me?”

This Chapter shows how unbridled passion can rip your heart out and make you think the unimaginable.  Enjoy the Chapter 3.  

Chapter 3 

MATT LAY ON THE bathroom floor going back and forth over whether he should kill Ellen or not.  If he was going to kill her, how should he do it?  He wished he could kill her now.  He would go over to wherever she was prostituting herself and choke her to death.  He would also kill that sleazy man with her.  He felt rage that he had never felt before.  Deceit and betrayal did not begin to describe what he felt.  How could she do this to him?  He was putting his entire life on the line for her.  He was about to end his marriage for her.

He should have never gone into that strip club that night.  He had gone to a strip club a few times when he was younger.  But that had been decades ago.  He was in his twenties then.  He was fifty-five now.  It had not felt that long ago.  But it was.  No wonder he was so uncomfortable sitting in that club.

His friends and coworkers had talked him into it.  They told him they just wanted to let off some steam.  The strip club was where they let off their steam.  He would find out that “letting off steam” was not a figure of speech.  He should have known better.  What were fifty and sixty year old men doing hanging out in strip clubs?  What good could come of that?

He should have known what kind of strip club it was, too.  He saw things going on that were clearly wrong.  Within minutes of being there he knew he should leave.  The men were touching the dancers.  The dancers were not fighting them off either.  He had always been told that customers were not allowed to touch the dancers.  He saw dancers disappearing with different customers.  Fifteen minutes later the dancer was back on stage dancing or walking the floor.  The customer came back like he swallowed a canary.

When he left that club with his coworkers he swore he would never go back.

Two weeks later Earl, his friend and coworker, talked him into going back to the same strip club.  Earl’s buddies, who were to go with him, could not make it.  Matt thought, why not?  At the club Earl showed his appreciation by buying Matt a lap dance.  Matt got to choose the dancer.

This dark-haired, five feet eight inch, dancer had just taken the stage.  Matt was mesmerized by her.  She was not in her twenties like some of the dancers.  She had a tough beauty to her.  Her body was unbelievable.  Her breasts were just the right size.  Her butt was shapely.  Her stomach was almost flat.  Her face was naturally pleasing to look at.  Not so much makeup.  She looked like a real woman.  Matt fell in love.  He wanted his lap dance from her.

Earl called the dancer over to their table.  He gave her a one hundred dollar bill.  The only words exchanged were when the dancer reached for Earl’s hand.  Earl pointed to Matt and said that he was the one she wanted.  The dancer took Matt by the hand and led him into a room and locked the door.  She introduced herself as Ellen.  Matt went to say hello.  She put a finger to his lips for him to be quiet.

She had him sit down in a comfortable chair while she danced for him.  After a few minutes of rubbing her body against his she eased down to the floor.  Her hand slid over his crotch.  He wanted to resist her.  He was only supposed to get a lap dance.  But he was too far gone.  His zipper came down and that was it.

Oral sex was their first sexual experience.

He was embarrassed at how fast everything happened.  It was over before he knew it.  But she made him feel better about himself.  She told him he must have been starved for something different.  That was why he was so overcome with excitement.  He told her maybe he was and did not know it.

She went to unlock the back door to the room.  She told him he could go to the bathroom that way without having to walk back through the main room.  He thanked her and got up to leave.  But then he got up enough nerve to ask her if he could get her number before they left the room.  He knew it was a long shot.  Girls like her did not date men like him.  Fifties, worked for the same company for decades, not in great shape, sat behind a desk, not exciting, and not filthy rich.

He was shocked when she gave it to him.

He called her the next day.  It was the start of their relationship.

The first few weeks that they got together he paid her for her services.  By the third week it had become romantic.  That is when she stopped charging him.  But he paid her anyway.  Him paying her, even though she did not want him to, meant one less man that she would sleep with that was not him.

Things were going so well between them.  He thought they were.  Now his dream girl had him living in hell.  He crawled over and got his phone from the corner of the bathroom.

“Ellen!” he yelled into the phone.

“Knock.  Knock.  Knock.”  Three light knocks came from outside the bathroom door.  “Are you okay, Sweetie?” Brenda asked.  “Was it the enchiladas?  Is your stomach upset?  Did I put too many spices in them?  Can I get you something?”

Matt bit into the towel and tried to catch his breath.  “I’m okay,” he said, voice cracking.  “I just need to clean up.  I’ll join you in bed in a few minutes.”

“Are you sure?” she asked with deep concern in her voice.

“I’m sure,” he said.  “Thank you for asking.  I love you.”  He pressed the towel against his mouth and cried.

“Okay,” she said.  “I was worried about you.  I’ll see you in bed.”

He exhaled and swallowed.  “Thanks,” he said and pursed his lips and wiped tears from his eyes.  He then stared at the phone and ended the call.


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The Inheritance

I have had to stop posting chapters of The Inheritance.  The story is becoming a book. But I have begun to post a short story called Love Me.  I say short story, but it will have 10,000 words or more.  I hope you enjoy this story.

It is a story that could have been a love story, if the characeters were not so twisted.  Then again, who am I to say what true love is.



Love Me


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This content is for readers who are 18 years and older.  

Some people will tell you who you fall in love with is not up to you.  It is ultimately up to your heart.  The heart has led many astray, some will say.  Enjoy Chapter 2.     

Chapter 2

MATT LAY IN BED staring up at the ceiling.  Brenda, his wife, lay next to him.  He turned his head toward her and listened.  Her shallow breathing said she was asleep.  He slowly slid his legs out from under the blanket.  Trying not to shake the bed he sat up.  He looked back at Brenda.  She had not moved.  He took a deep silent breath and stood up.  He stood still for a few seconds.  Then he tiptoed out of the room and eased the door shut.

On his tiptoes, he rushed over to the counter and grabbed his phone.  He unlocked the screen with a three finger swipe.  He did not worry about Brenda getting information from his phone.  Every month he changed his security code.  He lied to Brenda and said he changed his security code so often because of work.  If he ever lost his phone his clients’ names and information would be vulnerable.

He hurried down the hall and punched in Ellen’s phone number on the way to the guest bathroom.  He could store her phone number in his regular contact list.  Then he could speed-dial her.  But that was too risky.  He was not going to make it easy for someone to catch him.

Ellen’s phone rang.  Pick up, he thought.  Why aren’t you picking up?  It was one-thirty in the morning.  Where was she?  She promised him she was at home every night.  He ended the call and called her number again.

“Why are you calling?” Ellen asked in an irritable whisper.  He asked her why she was whispering.  “What do you want?  And make it fast.  I’m busy.”  He asked her what she meant that she was busy.  “Just tell me why you’re calling.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t told her yet,” he said.  “She’s fragile.  I have to let her down easy.  If I let her down hard and the court sees this we’re screwed.  She’ll take everything I own and will own.  We don’t need that.  Just trust me.  I’ve never let you down.  I promise you I’ll let her know how happy you and I are and that she and I are over.”

“You do that,” she said in a sarcastic tone.  “In the meantime I have to work.”  He asked her what work.  “Don’t ask.  You know not to ask.  We’ve been over this.”

“You don’t have to do this,” he said.

“I have to go,” she said.  “I have bills.  I don’t live in the make-believe world.  You do.  My world is real.”

“Ellen,” he whispered into the phone.  “Ellen.  Ellen.  Answer me.  Damn it.  Answer me.”  He spoke louder than he intended to and stopped and listened.  He did not want to wake Brenda.  It was quiet outside the door.  But it was not quiet over his phone.  He could hear Ellen’s and a man’s voice.

“Baby, is that how you like it?” she asked, seductively.

“You know how I like it,” the man’s voice said.

“I know baby,” she said.  “Relax.  Let me take you on a trip.”

“Oh, baby,” he said.  “That’s good.  Ohhhh.”  Heavy, loud, breathing.  “That’s good.  Don’t stop baby.  Don’t stop.”

Matt bit his lip and grunted and shook his head wildly from side to side.  “Ellen,” Matt said.  “Ellen.  Ellen.  You slut.  You damn slut!”  He realized he had yelled and pressed his hand over his mouth.  He wanted to throw the phone in the toilet and flush it or stomp it with his foot.  He knew what she was busy doing.  Why was he still listening?  Stop listening.  Take the phone from your ear.  He could not do it.  He could not stop himself from listening to her.

“That’s it baby,” he said.  “Finish me.  Finish me.”

Matt pressed the phone hard against his ear.

“Not now, baby,” she said.  “Not now.  Hold it.  Hold off as long as you can.  Hold it.”

Matt knew what was happening.  He had been where the man is.  The man was close to an orgasm.  Ellen was riding him and talking him through it.  That is how she got more money out of the men she slept with.  The men that she was supposed stop sleeping with.

The man was beginning to cry out.  Matt snatched the hand towel off the rack with his free hand.  He slapped the towel against his mouth and screamed into the towel.  How could she do this to him?  He had given her money.  Even though she told him she did not want money from him, he gave it to her.  Why?  Simple.  He was in love with her.  They were talking about being together long-term.  They were a couple.  He screamed in the towel again and slid the phone across the floor.  He was sorry he ever met her.

The next time he saw her he was going to kill her, he thought.  But who was he fooling?  He loved her.


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Love Me 


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This content is for readers who are 18 years and older.

Love Me is a story that is similar to my books on Amazon – The Ripple Series.  For those of you who have read The Ripple Series you will see the similarities.

Love Me is about a woman wanting love.  She is not willing to wait.  The man who promised to give her love is trying to figure things out.  But, like so many relationships that are built on dishonesty, things are complicated.  Or, maybe they just seem complicated.  And a simple solution is all that is needed.       

I hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter 1

Matt lay in bed with Ellen lying on his chest.  He twirled her hair around his finger and whispered how he missed her.  She pushed herself up and looked down on him.  She then straddled him.  “Do you really miss me?” she teased.  He told her all the time.  “All the time?”  She bit her bottom lip and smiled and leaned down and kissed him.  He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard.  She pushed her tongue inside his mouth and ground her naked body back and forth against his.

They were panting.  Unable to get air, he put his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back.  He just needed a quick breather.  But she did not move.  She stayed pressed against his body.  Her lips were firmly over his.  He pushed her harder.  She pushed her hands under his back and wrapped her legs around his.  Her tongue flickered inside his mouth.

He knew what she was doing.  Any other time he would play along with her.  But this was not a good time.  He had to be somewhere.  This was not what was going to happen.  He could not be late again.  He pushed her harder to get her to let go of him.  Was he excited by what she was doing?  Yes.  But his erection would have to wait until next time.  He did not have time to continue making love to her.  He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back.

“Ah.  Ah.  Ah.  Ah.” He said with his mouth open and in pain.  She stopped grinding her body against his and stared down into his eyes.  He was trying to tell her to let go.  But he could not.  Nor could he yank his mouth away from hers.  She had bitten down on his tongue.  It was firmly between her front teeth.  She was biting down just enough to make him stop struggling.  His eyes were getting wider.  She had done some crazy things.  But this was too much.  What the hell was she angry about?  He told her earlier that he could not stay too long.

She was breathing hard and staring at him.  They were both just lying there.  She let go of his tongue and sat up quickly and smacked him hard across the face.

“Why the hell did you do that?” he asked, rubbing the side of his face, looking up at her.  She smacked him across the face again.  “What the—”  She smacked him again and again.  He grabbed her wrists.  “What the hell is wrong with you?  Why are you smacking the shit out of me?”  She tried to pull here hands free from his grip.  “What’s wrong with you?”  She clenched her teeth and struggled to free herself.  “Just tell me what’s wrong instead of going crazy.”

“You’ve been lying to me,” she said, straddling him.  He squinted.  “You know you have.  How many times have you told me you were going to end it with her?  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.”  She put up a finger after each number.  “It’s too many times to remember.  I’m not putting up with it any longer.”  She jumped off of him and onto the floor.  “You can end it with her.  Or, I can end it for you.  But you’re not going to like how I do it.”

“Ellen, come on,” he said.  “You’re making a big deal out of nothing.”  Ellen stomped across the motel room picking up pieces of clothing and putting them on.  “I told you everything is about timing.  Do you want me to lose everything?  Do you want us to have nothing?”  Ellen pulled her thong into place.  “Honey, we’re fighting about nothing.  Everything will work out.  We just need a little more time.  You have to be reasonable.”

She went into the bathroom and stormed back out.  “You’re right,” she said.  “I’m going to be reasonable.  I’m reasonably shutting my legs and my ass is reasonably off limits to you.  You want to squeeze into something tight?  Go home to that old maid and have her squeeze her hands together and slip it between her hands.  Because that’s the only thing she has tight.”

“Now that’s not fair,” he said.  “It’s a low blow.  Why would you say something so ugly?  She has nothing to do with this.  You need—”

“What are you talking about,” she said.  “She has everything to do with this.  She’s standing between us and happiness.  That’s what you keep saying.  But I’m starting to believe you’re the one standing between us and happiness.”  He told her that was not true.  “You know what?  You talk about how bad Randy treated me.”  She nodded.  Not saying anything to stop herself from bursting out in tears.

Randy was her ex-boyfriend.  She met him at a strip club where she once worked.  He was the head bouncer.  Big and scary was what he was.  He made her feel safe and secure.  They became an item on her third night on the job.  Two weeks later they moved in together.  They began arguing two days later.  The first argument was over a man who stared at her too much.  Other arguments were over the men she chose to give lap dances to.

Three weeks into their relationship she got the first of many backhands from him.  At almost three hundred pounds of mostly muscle he almost broke her jaw.  At the hospital she lied and said she was attacked in the parking lot of a store.  The nurse and doctor did not believe her.  The nurse even encouraged her to see a counselor before she left the hospital.  She told the nurse she just wanted to go home.  She would visit that same hospital six times in one year.  At the start of her second year in the relationship she packed her things and left while Randy was at work.  She never saw him again.  That was two years ago.

She swallowed and walked over to the bed where Matt was sitting.  “As much as Randy hurt me he never hurt me the way you are,” she said.  “If you want to be with me and you love me you’ll do what you need to do to make sure we’re together.  Either we’re going to share a life together or we’re not.  But I’m not letting you screw me for free anymore.  You want me?  Then you’ll pay like everyone else.”

“Why do you have go down this road?” he asked.

“You took me down this road,” she said, angrily and pulled her pants up.  “Look at this motel room.  It’s filthy.  Would you bring her here?  No.”  She slipped one heel on.  “You know why?  She doesn’t shake her ass in men’s faces to earn money.  So she’s better than me.  That makes me a whore in your book.”

“Don’t say that,” he said.  “I don’t think that.  I love you.  You’re who—”

“Then do what you have to do to prove it!” She yelled.  “Kill her, for all I care!  I don’t give a shit!  But you better do something.  Because this train is leaving the station.”  She grabbed her purse off the chair.  “Don’t call me later.  I’ve got to work tonight.  And I have a customer who wants me to spend a few hours with him afterwards.  When you’re ready to be a man you let me know.”

She opened the door and slammed it shut behind her.  She smiled on the way to her car.  The thought of another man all over her was killing him and she knew it.

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Please enjoy Chapter 6.  I had to be a little late getting this chapter to you. Chapter 7 will be out in a couple of days.  Enjoy.    

Chapter 6

BRYAN LOOKED AT CRYSTAL.  “No one was trying anything,” he said.  “He was just worried about me.”

“If he does try something you’ll get it first,” she said.  “Believe me.”

“He wasn’t trying anything,” he said.  “No one wants to hurt you or your granddaughter.  He’s my friend.  He was concerned about me.  You waving that gun around all careless and everything.  Don’t help anything.”

“First of all, it’s you are waving that gun around carelessly,” she said.  “Not whatever the hell you just said.”

“Miss Vanner,” he said.  “No disrespect.  But I don’t want an English lesson right now.”  She told him he needed one.  “I don’t want one now.”  She stared at him.  “Can I go back to what I was about to show you?”

“I’m waiting,” she said.  He shook his head and knelt down and reached inside the bag.  “Don’t try anything.”  She took a few steps back with the gun pointed at his head.  “I know how to use this.  You may think I’m a weak helpless teacher.  You’ll get a surprise.”

His face recoiled away from her.  “I wish you wouldn’t do that,” he said, cutting his eyes to the gun.  “You asked me in.  You asked me to show you why you’d want this.  I’m trying to show you.”  He looked up sideways at her.  “Do you want me to or not?  You could’ve looked yourself if you didn’t trust me.”

She stared at him.  “You had better not be up to anything,” she said.  “I’m not kidding.  You’re not my student anymore.  You’re an intruder.  I can shoot you.”

“You invited me in,” he said, holding his hands up.

“That was then, before you and your friend pulled that stunt,” she said.  “And this is now.”  She tapped her foot.

“Fine,” he said.  “I’m going to take things out of the bag.  Don’t shoot me.”  He reached one hand in the bag and brought out a package wrapped in white butcher’s paper.  “Veal.”  He put it on the floor.  “I need two hands for the next thing.”  She waved the gun for him to go on.  “I wish you wouldn’t wave that around like that.”  She tapped her foot and stared at him.  He put both hands in the bag and came out with an aluminum covered tray.  “Lasagna, sausages, and meatballs.  All freshly prepared.”  He set the tray on the floor.

“How do I know that you and your idiot sidekick out there didn’t urinate or defecate in that food?” she asked.

“You don’t,” he said.  “But, we didn’t.  My aunt would kill me.  And then she’d kill him.”  He waited to see if she was going to say anything else.  “Can I continue?”  She pursed her lips.  “I’m going to slide the bag over to you.  Nice and slow.”  He now seemed sarcastic as opposed to scared of the gun in her hand.

She leaned over and looked into the bag.  Two stacks of bills were inside the bag with a rubber band around each one.  A one hundred dollar bill was on the front of each stack.  She looked at him and back down at the bag.  Then she took a step back and watched him.  Bryan stood up and said nothing for a minute.

“Miss Vanner,” he said.  “There’s ten grand in that bag.  A woman on a fixed income may have use for that money.  Tax-free.  No strings attached.”  She stared and pursed her lips.  “What I’m saying is I know your granddaughter.  We’re about the same age.  Kelly is a good person.  Unfortunately, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  No one takes a shortcut through that area.  No one does.  She could’ve found herself beaten, raped, or worse.  She could’ve disappeared.  Why?  Because she simply took a shortcut through that filth of a neighborhood to get home.  That’s why.”

“So, your brother was her moral guide that night, her guardian angel?” she asked.  “Because that’s not what she told me.  And she hasn’t talked to the police, yet.  But they’ve wanted to talk to her.  She’s hesitant.  I would’ve already done it.

Her story was not short of horrific.  Your brother and his two friends apparently nailed the doors shut to that old house.  Poured gas all around it.  Then set it on fire.  They were wearing city employee’s uniforms.  Kelly recognized your brother.  She knew he didn’t work for the city or anywhere.  He’s a bum and always will be.

She actually ran up to those murderers.”  She paused.  Bryan squinted.

“She tried to get them to let the people out from inside that house,” she said.  “When they wouldn’t do it she ran past them and tried to kick the door open.

Your brother grabbed her and held her back.  When she struggled to get free he threw her to the ground and told her to go home.  If not, she would be next.”  Crystal paused and watched his expression.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” she said.  “Horrifying isn’t it?  What turned Kelly’s stomach was hearing the people inside that house pound on the doors and scream while being burned alive.”  She looked at Bryan.

He had hard time holding eye contact with her.  That was not the story his brother told him.  His brother had said that he and his friends did not know anyone was inside the house until it was too late.  And that Kelly must have watched them without them knowing it.  He never mentioned holding her back and threatening her.

Bryan swallowed.  “Be that as it may, Miss Vanner,” he said.  “Kelly is twenty-four.  She doesn’t need to get herself mixed up in something she knows nothing about.  The people in that house were dirt bags.  They preyed on people who couldn’t defend themselves.  Paul saw fit to put an end to it.”

“You mean they encroached on your family’s territory,” she said.

“You know how this works, Miss Vanner,” he said.  “You know our family’s history.  Will you take the bag on Kelly’s behalf…and yours?”  He paused.  “There’ll be more in the future.  Not to mention that we’ll owe you a favor.”  He stood there waiting for her response.

She leaned over and picked up the bag.  “I don’t expect to see you here anymore,” she said.  “That means your brother, too.  And you tell your friend at the bottom of the steps, if he has in mind getting even with me for hurting his feelings, my sons will hunt him down, along with their police friends, and skin him alive.”  Bryan knew her family came from a long line of cops.  Some did not always go by the book.  “You tell him that for me.”

“I will,” he said.  “Thank you, Miss Vanner.”  He turned and walked out the door.


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Sometimes a gift is a gift.  Sometimes a gift is a favor.  Please enjoy Chapter 5.  Chapter 6 will be in a few days.    

Chapter 5

CRYSTAL OPENED THE DOOR with the gun pointed at Bryan.  Bryan quickly moved back.

“Be careful with that thing,” he said.  Keith, standing at the bottom of the steps, asked Bryan if he was okay.  “I’m fine,” Bryan said over his shoulder.  “You need to put that down,” he said to Crystal.  “No one is here to threaten you.  You’re doing the threatening.”

“I’m a defenseless old woman,” she yelled out, leaning her head to the side to make sure Keith heard her.  Keith mumbled she was an old bag.  “You know what?  I’m going back inside.  I don’t need this harassment.”  She began to close the door.

“Wait, Miss Vanner,” Bryan said.  Keith mumbled something else.  “Keith!  Shut up!”  Bryan yelled over his shoulder and put his hand on the door to stop it from closing.  Crystal pointed the gun at his head.

“Whoa,” Bryan said and stepped back, taking his hand off the door.  “Miss Vanner.  What are you doing?”  He held one hand in the air.  The other held onto the brown bag.  “That’s not necessary.  You’re going to accidentally shoot me.”  She told him it would not be an accident.  “It’s not necessary.  I know you.  I went to school with your granddaughter.”  Her eyes narrowed.  “I know you.  You taught me History.”

“Now it makes sense,” she said, nodding her head.  “Bryan Tagnelli.  That’s where I’ve heard that name from.  That’s not the name you went by.  You were Michael Tagnelli.  Michael Bryan Tagnelli.”  She slowly nodded her head.  “How could I’ve not put it together?”  She was thinking about how she accidentally ran into Mary Tagnelli in the grocery store earlier that day.  How Mary struck up a conversation about the old neighborhood.  How Mary pretended that they were longtime friends.  It made sense.  She was Bryan’s great aunt.

“I remember you,” Crystal said.  “You were the smart kid with the funny haircut.  You could read and write.  I thought you’d make something of yourself.”  He told her he had.  “That’s debatable.  Looks like you’re running errands for people.”

Bryan took note of Crystal Vanner’s appearance.  Even at her age she still had her looks.  Her hair was no longer black.  It was gray.  Her breasts still looked big under that oversized dress she was wearing.  Her face had retained a lot of its beauty.  A few wrinkles had appeared.  Overall her skin looked smooth for her age.  She never drank or smoke.  That would explain that.  She stood up straight.  She looked healthy, only older.

Most of the guys he knew when he was growing up wanted to put it to her.  But most of the guys would have been too afraid if she ever asked them to.  She was mean.  Rumor was she was the one in her marriage to tell her husband when to put it to her.  She wore the pants.  Her students thought it was more than a rumor.  They had seen and experienced her anger up close.

She was a tough teacher.  No bullshit.  No nonsense.  She was a stickler for rules and hated her students.  Thought most boys were no good scumbags.  Thought most girls were sperm deposit banks.

One class she got extremely upset with them for not paying attention.  She yelled at them to go to the auditorium and have a giant orgy to get it over with.  The girls would then be pregnant.  The boys would then be horrible fathers.  Everyone would end up on welfare and live happily ever after.

Rumors were the school board had been after her to resign ever since.  But she was such a great teacher that they would not dare get rid of her.

You are as mean as ever, Bryan thought.  “I’m not running an errand,” Bryan said, holding back many sarcastic remarks.  “My aunt asked me to do her this favor for you.”  He handed the grocery bag to her.  She looked at the bag.  But she did not reach for it.  “She wanted me to give you this.”

“You’re not giving me this in exchange for me to let you speak to my granddaughter, are you?” she asked.  He told her no.  “Because I’m not going to let you speak to my granddaughter.  She’s been traumatized enough.”

“No,” he said.  “This is no exchange.  I don’t want to talk to your granddaughter.”  She asked him then what he wanted.  “I want you to take this gift from my aunt and not insult her by not taking it.”

She looked around and lifted her hand and motioned with her fingers for him to come inside.  She stepped back inside and held the door open for him.  “Where do you want me to put this?” he asked.

“I want you to put it on the floor,” she said, sarcastically.  He sat the bag on the floor.  “Now I want you to show me why I would want this gift that your aunt has so graciously had you bring to me at such a decent hour.”

Smart old bitch, he thought.  No wonder her husband left her or went missing or whatever.  He would have left, too, if he had been married to her.  Or, better yet, he would have killed her or himself.

Knock!  Knock!  Knock!  Knock!  Knock!

Crystal jumped and pointed the gun at the door and then back at Bryan.

Bryan threw up his hands.  “Stop that,” he said.  “You’re going to shoot me in the face.”

“Bryan!” Keith yelled from outside the door.  “Are you okay in there?”

“You little liar,” Crystal said.  “You were up to something.  You thought you’d talk your way in here and your friend would rush in later.  I’ll shoot you if he does.”

Knock!  Knock!  Knock!  Knock!  Knock!  “Bryan!” Keith yelled.  “What’s going in there?  I’m coming in.”

“I’ll shoot you,” she said.  “He may get in.  But you won’t know it.”

“Keith!” Bryan yelled.  “Keith!  Get away from the door!  You’re going to make her shoot me!  Get back down the steps!”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Keith said.  “I’m—”

“Keith!” Bryan yelled.  “Get back down the steps!  I mean it!  Now!”

“Then you can call if—”

“Keith!” Bryan yelled.  “Damn it.  Go!  Don’t talk!  Just go!”


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