I hope your day went well and your week is doing the same.  If you had goals to reach this week, I hope you accomplished some of them.  I know how things can get in the way.  It’s called life.  But we try to make the best of it. I have a few short stories … More THE BLACKMAIL


Forty million adults have some form of anxiety.  Only thirty-seven percent seek treatment for it.  Anxiety can show itself in many forms.  Two common ways are depression and low self-esteem.  Your everyday worries do not mean you suffer from anxiety.  Logical worries may not be anxiety.  Thoughts like having enough money to buy presents may … More MY WAY


This story came to me when I overheard two people having a conversation.  They were talking loudly.  I was not intentionally trying to hear them.  I was standing in line at a store.  The two people ahead of me were amusing.  And they were not trying to funny.  But they were.  Both were having different … More WELCOME HOME


Irene, Iowa – Population 1,000 There are moments in our life when right and wrong become tangled.  It becomes impossible to commit to one or the other.  The natural tendency is to let emotions take over.  Later we suffer the consequences.      SHERIFF LEROY FARLAN STOOD near Lake Bollon and stared down at the ground.  … More WRONG TOWN